Tulsa County Fairgrounds in the 1960s

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Some Tulsa State Fair history: Chris Miyata has posted a set of photos and scans of the Tulsa County Fairgrounds in the mid-1960s. There are photos of the IPE Building (now the QuikTrip Center) at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds and scans from a 1964 booklet highlighting 15 years of improvements to the Tulsa State Fair. The highlight is a stunning aerial color photo of the IPE Building near completion, with a very small Bell's Amusement Park to the west. Look for the Bell's giant globe, the water towers, and the KELi satellite.

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Sheila said:

I remember the excitement of the Tulsa County Fair when I was growing up in Sand Springs. Ohh, the smell of cotton candy and corn dogs; the sight of side shows and rides! I have since moved from Oklahoma, but still have very fond memories of saving our money in anticipation of the Fair in the fall. My family won the (2nd) largest family in Oklahoma contest in the 60s. I have a picture of my mother and siblings standing in front of one of the fairground buildings. Pepsi sponsored the contest. We were treated to free transportation to the Fair, free food and rides.....what a great time to have been a kid!!!

Jim Author Profile Page said:

Shelia, about 60 years and I also have fond memories of that Tulsa State Fair. Also my Family was chosen as the largest Family of Cherokee County. That was the day of a life time for many of us. I told that story about Pepsi hosting us to the Fair about two years ago. People found it hard to believe. To Families that had very little, it was indeed a day to remember. I enjoyed it all, but I believe my favorite was the Ice Capades. Thanks for bringing back those happy days. Jim

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