Bartlett Jr turns dishonest attack into TV ad

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An update from an earlier entry: Back on September 9, I wrote about a press release from the Dewey Bartlett Jr campaign claiming that Tom Adelson attacked him in a KRMG interview the morning after the primary and then claiming that Adelson said Gov. Brad Henry should be shot for supporting a tax cut. As I documented, that's not what Adelson said.

An honorable candidate would have enough sense of shame to drop a line of attack once it's shown to be false. (Not just misleading. False.) I guess the attack on Adelson poll-tested well, because Bartlett Jr has doubled down and is using it as the theme of a TV ad. (Via the KRMG Morning News blog, which also has audio of Adelson's alleged attack on Bartlett Jr.)

The tag line says, "Tom Adelson, just another politician slinging mud, and raising taxes." Hmm. With this ad, Bartlett Jr is slinging mud. We already know about Bartlett Jr's support for a significant and unnecessary tax increase.

MORE: Forgot this gem from the Bartlett Jr campaign's press releases:

Tulsans awoke early on Wednesday morning, Sept. 9, to Tom Adelson personally launching a scud missile attack on Dewey Bartlett, who Tulsans have always known to be a gentleman and a local businessman.

Bartlett Jr a gentleman? His mendacious attack on Adelson certainly isn't gentlemanly. And something about trying to take any claim to the family home away from the wife you're divorcing strikes me as caddish. (But I'm sure that's just old fashioned of me.)

And "scud missile attack"? The comment in question was near the end of the interview, at about 2:40, in response to a question from Rick Couri asking what would surprise voters.

I think that Dewey has a tax and spend record that would embarrass any big-spending liberal. He's probably a little more liberal than I am when it comes to fiscal responsibility, so people may be a little bit surprised about our different records. I'm the only candidate in the race that's actually voted for tax cuts. I've coauthored an effort to repeal the sales tax on groceries, which was not successful, but I tried. And I voted for tax relief a number of times when I thought it made sense. And I've been responsible for a budget and several health agencies which required us to perform performance reviews every year, so I'm very accustomed to making the tough choices between one state service versus another and trying to prioritize, so I have a lot of experience doing that.

Pretty mild stuff, and mostly Adelson making the case that he's a fiscal conservative.

STILL MORE: Commenter Richard spots another oopsie -- that isn't Tulsa that Adelson's head is "dividing" at the beginning of the commercial. KRMG's Joe Kelley appears to have found the skyline photo of Oklahoma City that was used in the ad. Judge for yourself.

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The A Team said:

Looks like Dewey's mudslinging is backfiring:

A new poll released by Lake Research Partners shows Adelson leads Bartlett by 4 points, 41% to 37%. This represents a dramatic increase in support for Adelson, as well as a slight decline for Bartlett, from a similar poll conducted just six weeks ago. Currently 22% of likely voters are undecided. A 55% majority of voters now has a favorable opinion of Adelson's positive ratings since the last poll, when 27% of voters held a favorable opinion of him.

richard said:

Anyone think its weird that the picture in the beginning of the ad is Oklahoma City not Tulsa? I think it says something about the outsiders running Dewey's campaign, they don't even know the Tulsa skyline.
At least Tom's campaign is focusing on issues right now like regionalism and his website has a stance on major issues.

mark said:

Campaign styles tell you a lot about the way a candidate will govern.

In this case, any candidate so weak and spineless that he would allow campaign consultants to produce this kind of garbage will almost certainly be letting others govern by proxy if he were to be elected. Hmmm, I wonder who those "others" might be . . . and what might be their agenda ?!?

P.S. Nice observation, Richard!

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