PAC contributions in city elections

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Several political action committees have contributed to City of Tulsa candidates during the current election cycle:


BOK Financial PAC: Dewey Bartlett Jr, $1,000; Chris Trail, $1,500; (Eric Gomez received $1,500 and Phil Lakin received $2,000 before the primary, in addition to contributions from George Kaiser, BOK attorney Frederic Dorwart, and several people associated with the Dorwart Law Firm).


Tulsa Inc. Build PAC: Dewey Bartlett Jr, $2,000; Mark Perkins $1,500; David Patrick, $1,500; Eric Gomez, $2,000 (plus $1,500 before the primary); Dennis Troyer, $1,500; Phil Lakin, $1,000; Bill Martinson, $500; Rick Westcott, $1,000. (NOTE: Gomez's disclosure lists Build PAC's contribution this period as $3,000; Build PAC lists $2,000 this period.)

Realtor PAC: David Patrick, $1,000; Bill Martinson, $1,000; G. T. Bynum, $500; Bill Christiansen, $500; Rick Westcott, $500; Eric Gomez, $1,000.

Associated Builders and Contractors PAC: (Phil Lakin, $500 before the primary.)

Oklahoma Associated General Contractors PAC: Chris Trail, $2,000, (plus $1,000 in the pre-primary report).


AFSCME: Tom Adelson, $5,000; Maria Barnes, $500; Chris Trail, $500.

IBEW-COPE: Tom Adelson, $2,500; Maria Barnes, $5,000;

AFL-CIO: (Tom Adelson, $5,000 from before the primary.)

Oklahoma Building Trades PAC: Tom Adelson, $500;

Transport Workers Union PAC: Maria Barnes, $1,000;

Tulsa Firefighters Local 176 PAC: Maria Barnes, $1,000; Bill Christiansen, $2,217,49 (including $1,000 before the primary); Chris Trail, $3,740.23; (plus Tom Adelson, $2,500, David Patrick, $1,000, Dennis Troyer, $1,000, and Bart Rhoades, $2,000, before the primary).

Back the Badge PAC: Maria Barnes, $1,000; Bill Christiansen, $2,000; Barton Rhoades, $2,000; Chris Trail $2,000.

City franchisees

Cox PAC: Tom Adelson, $2,500; Dewey Bartlett Jr, $2,500;


Chickasaw Nation: Tom Adelson, $5,000 (includes $1,000 from before the primary); (plus Dewey Bartlett Jr, $1,000 from before the primary).

Osage Executive Branch PAC: David Patrick, $500;


Newfield PAC: Dewey Bartlett Jr, $1,000

Cash America International PAC: Dewey Bartlett Jr, $1,000

XTO Energy PAC: Dewey Bartlett Jr, $1,000 (plus $1,000 before the primary)

Energy for Oklahomans PAC: Dewey Bartlett Jr, $1,000

Thoroughbred PAC: Tom Adelson, $500.

Just Progress PAC: Tom Adelson, $500; Maria Barnes, $500 (plus $500 in the primary); Roscoe Turner, $500.

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bobdog said:

based on the BOK and developer contribs alone I will have to vote Adelson. Never vote for a candidate in bed with developers.

Bob said:

Thank you Michael for this very useful analysis who owns the candidates, and by inference, also really owns Tulsa.

Isn't Democracy just GRAND?

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