Liz Wright on the radio

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Pat Campbell interviewed not-ousted Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (TMAPC) member Elizabeth Wright on 1170 KFAQ Wednesday morning. It was an informative interview -- well done to both Pat and Liz. You can listen to the interview on the station's podcast:

TMAPC's Elizabeth Wright interviewed by Pat Campbell, December 2, 2009

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Paul said:

I listened to the podcast after watching a portion of yesterday's TMAPC meeting on the TGOV live stream. Liz Wright's behavior didn't seem disruptive to me. What's all the flap about?

We need planning commissioners who are willing to delve into issues and to ask questions. For this week's TMAPC meeting, it appears as though all of the commissioners, INCOG staff, and Pat Boulden neglected to read through the agenda items before the meeting. Otherwise, someone should have noticed that items 14 and 15 on the consent agenda were related. If merely one single person had dared to make that simple observation and to mention it beforehand, it could have prevented some confusion and the commission's retroactive reconsideration of item 14.

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