Tulsa police on BBC: Good or bad?

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I got a call yesterday from someone upset about "24 Hours in Tulsa," the BBC World Service documentary about Tulsa police officers. The documentary is based on Officer Jay Chiarito-Mazzarella's Street Stories podcast. Much of the 22-minute piece is Chiarito-Mazzarella retelling some of his stories, with a few words changed to be more comprehensible to an international audience (measurements in meters instead of feet, "windscreen" instead of "windshield").

The friend who called heard about the documentary from a relative living overseas. My friend was concerned that, however accurate the stories, the documentary painted Tulsa and its police department in a negative light.

What do you think? Listen to the broadcast at the link above. You can also download "24 Hours in Tulsa" as an 11 MB MP3 file. Then post your comments below. Should TPD officers have to get permission to interact with the media or to blog about work? Should this have been handled through the TPD's public affairs office or the Mayor's office?

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DaWizard said:

Heard it via my bbc rss'd podcast here in Australia ... thought it was funny, well presented, informative and actually was only a 'repackaged' program from the TPD's own podcast page ... just with a bbc point of view.

Tell ya's mate, to chill .. me thinks they protest too much!!


Yogi said:

I just got through listening to the documentary. I think it is wonderful. I don't see a reason in the world why the officer's involved should get permission of TPD or the Mayor's office to do it. They didn't castigate the department or the city at all. They didn't violate anybody's privacy.

I don't think it casts a bad light on Tulsa at all. Police work involves the rougher side of society.

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