Quality Events Incentive Act? Vote no on SB 1284

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Thanks to Ron Denton for the heads-up. The State House Appropriations and Budget Committee will vote tomorrow, April 8, 2010, on SB 1284, the Oklahoma Quality Events Incentive Act. The Tulsa Metro Chamber wants people to send emails to the committee members urging passage.

(To read the legislation, go here, type in SB1284, click retrieve, and then click Engrossed. That's the version that passed the Senate.)

I rewrote the Chamber's email:

I urge you to vote against Senate Bill 1284, the Oklahoma Quality Events Incentive Act tomorrow in the House Appropriations and Budget Committee.

This bill will is a giveaway to out-of-state businesses that compete with local entrepreneurs for the entertainment dollars of Oklahomans. The companies that will benefit from this act have no long-term or even short-term investment in our state. They are literally here today and gone tomorrow.

The Oklahoma economy is currently facing tremendous financial challenges. The best thing we can do to help our economy is provide a level playing field with lower tax rates and a more efficient government, thus creating a stable economic environment that encourages people to start and grow businesses. The road to prosperity is not paved with special deals for special people.

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UncleD said:

This really irritates me. (also known as pisses me off)
I feel like this was "slipped" through. They all know I am concerned about tax increases and creation. And not a one of them let me know this was going on, media or administration. Too bad I found this page too late. I would have sent that letter, or a similar one to all of them.

This goes overboard by a huge margin, and they just keep taking more an more from us. Not one word from any of them and I saw nothing about it on the news, although I must admit I don't get to watch it every night.

This will lead to ticket price increases, and will further diminish the local economy. The red tape alone chases off many who would have pushed forward.

This is insanity! Vote them out! They must stop spending, it's time for cuts, and the realization that most Oklahomans are not wealthy!

As long as this spending continues they will be sticking their probes into our lives and destroying our families, friendships and all other avenues of our social nature.

I'm voting them all out. Oklahoma needs tea party candidates, not incumbents trying to associate themselves as tea party favorites.


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