Gomez TMAPC appointment on tonight's Council agenda

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Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett Jr's nomination of ousted City Councilor Eric Gomez to the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission is on tonight's City Council agenda. The nomination is likely to be defeated by a supermajority, based on public statements by the councilors, but it's still worth expressing your concern to your councilor, particularly if your councilor has expressed support for Gomez's nomination. If you're wondering why you should be concerned, please read my earlier entry on Eric Gomez's TMAPC nomination, which links to earlier evaluations of his record on zoning and development issues.

By the way, I notice that the agenda for tonight's meeting includes no backup information on Eric Gomez or the other mayoral nominees being considered tonight. The Council usually gets a fact sheet on each nominee, with a resume. Certainly a prospective planning commissioner's sources of income would be a matter of public interest, and in this case there are rumors of a connection between Gomez and a developer who is notoriously hostile to homeowners; those rumors need to be either confirmed or dispelled.

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JW said:

I think the lack of background as you pointed out, and the lack of discussion makes it pretty obvious that Bartlett just threw Gomez up there to take one for the team and reset the clock. One now has to wonder what Gomez gets out of this. I was equally disappointed to listen to Eagleton's tirade of support for Gomez.

The A Team said:

Bynum's support speech was pretty nauseating too. To vote for someone as many conflicts of interest, reputation for neglecting constituents concerns, and a voting and criminal record like Gomez has, despite hearing from numerous constituents who opposed Gomez's nomination, many of whom he has a great deal of respect for, especially when it comes to zoning issues, is utterly inexcusable no matter how he tries to spin it.

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