Oklahoma Primary 2010: The aftermath

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I made it to three different watch parties last night, starting at Randy Brogdon's, then Judge James Caputo's, then finished the evening at Congressman John Sullivan's, watching the final numbers come in on the incredibly close Democratic nomination for Governor.

I got home late, had family business to attend to, and today there's a heavy load of work-related activity, so I won't have much analysis until later in the week, I suspect. Turnout looked to be quite low in my precinct when I voted at around 1 p.m., but evidently it picked up, as numbers in our part of the state were substantially heavier than four years ago.

While I'm disappointed in Randy Brogdon's defeat, it's important -- for the sake of next year's redistricting if nothing else -- for Republicans to unite behind Mary Fallin. It will be an interesting race; a battle between two former Lieutenant Governors. The Democrat nominee made government regulation of salaries the theme of one of her ads. I am told that Jari Askins is very personable and works very hard at campaigning. She may well be a tougher opponent for Fallin than Edmondson would have been.

I am very happy to see Ayatollah Drew Edmondson's political career come to a halt.

That's all for now. I'm working on a piece about how I'd run a statewide primary race, based on observations in this election. Meanwhile, feel free to chime in in the comments.

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Bob said:

Lt. Gov. Jari Askins must be a formidable opponent to best Ayatollah General Edmondson.

It shows you when it comes down to it, Money and Boots on the Ground from the militant Oklahoma Education union bests Edmondson's support from his slimey shyster Trial Lawyer buddies.

State Senator Randy Brogdon generated a small army of enthusiastic supporters. Unfortunately, the Money-Men prefer Mary Fallin for some reason....

Fallin shouldn't take her election as the next Governor for granted. She's at best a tepid RINO that trys to sound conservative only every election.

Did she finally marry the OHP security guard assigned to her Lt. Gov's security detail?

Welcome to Cougar Country, Mary.

I'm sure it won't come up in the campaign....

Laramie Hirsch said:

Well, I'm depressed.

I can't believe folks are falling for this Sarah Palin crap.

She's a complete RHINO Republican, and a fake conservative. Her endorsement of Fallin, in addition to Fallin's political-careerist mindset equals another out of touch govenor.

Why people didn't vote for Brogdon...people don't pay attention to details.

The people of Oklahoma will continue to get what they vote for.

This is equivalent to the time I saw Medlock lose to Bartlett. Ha. Look at Bartlett now! Great choice, Tulsa.

Bah, our elections are probably rigged, anyway.

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