Oklahoma 2010 primary results by precinct on the web

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Attention fellow political geeks and number-crunchers: The Oklahoma State Election Board has posted the complete results of the July 27, 2010 Oklahoma primary election, including results broken out by county (PDF) and by precinct (zipped PDF). The precinct results are available in a human-readable report and in a text file that can be imported to a database. (There's a description of the text file record layout, too.) Thanks to the great staff at the Oklahoma State Election Board for making this data readily available to the public.

The results cover all Federal (U. S. Senate and House), statewide, legislative, and judicial races (district judge, associate district judge, district attorney). (Results for county, municipal, and school elections are handled by the appropriate county election board. Tulsa County has posted summary results for 2010 and 2009 elections. (Here's a direct link to the Tulsa County July 27, 2010, primary results (PDF).)

If you prefer your data in visual form, Jamison Faught, the Muskogee Politico, has been posting a series of maps of the Oklahoma 2010 primary results by county.

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