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Thanks to the folks at BlogAds, BatesLine is now offering banner ads. Your ad will appear at the top of every page. Or you can buy fractions of page impressions in 10% increments. Banner images can be as large as 728x90 pixels.

The cost for this high-visibility spot is just $20 a day for 100% of page views, with a three-day minimum. For a mere $6, your ad would be seen by 10% of page views for three days.

The traditional BatesLine sidebar ad is still available, with prices starting at $30 a week. There are discounts for longer-term ads.

If you're a candidate in search of voters, donors, and volunteers, you'll want to advertise on BatesLine. Advertising with BatesLine is an affordable way to get your message in front of Tulsa and Oklahoma opinion leaders and active voters.

While BatesLine draws strong traffic throughout the year, it soars in the weeks and days just before an election, as voters seek information on candidates and state questions. In July 2010, leading up to the state primary, BatesLine served 237,954 pages, according to awstats.

For all the details about advertising on BatesLine, click the links above, or drop me an email at the address in the left sidebar.

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route66news said:

Are you still considering moving your site to Wordpress? I know in some posts or tweets you were pretty unhappy with Movable Type.

It's clear that all the development energy is going into WordPress. A presentation I saw at a conference last month wowed me with everything that WordPress and WordPress plugins make easy, things that require a lot of manual effort in MT. It would be a big switch, particularly to preserve inbound links to archived stories, but I understand there's a plug-in for that, too.

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