Foreclosure looms over Jenks Riverwalk

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Riverwalk Crossing in Jenks faces foreclosure:

Court records show the American National Bank of Texas has started foreclosure proceedings against Colburn Electric, Jerry Gordon, and RWC Management.

I'm skeptical that any riverfront development can duplicate the success of San Antonio's Paseo del Rio, with its combination of a natural bend in a narrow river, historic buildings and tourist draws, all in the heart of a city with a distinctive cultural history where the weather is almost always sunny and warm.

Jenks's Riverwalk Crossing has a nice view of the river. It has (or has had) some good restaurants. But in all the time it's been open, I've only been there a handful of times, although I've enjoyed it when I've visited. It's off by itself, across the levee from Jenks. It's not on the way to anything, and even when we're in Jenks, even when we're at the Aquarium, you've got to make a special trip. You can't just casually drive by to see if its bustling or quiet, to see what shops or restaurants might be open. You've got to deliberately drive into their parking lot, and, since the lot is on the backside of the development, you've got to get out of the car to see what's up. Visiting Riverwalk Crossing is not an impulse decision. And there aren't any "everyday" businesses that would give you a reason to go other than entertainment.

I was impressed that Jerry Gordon was about to get this built without taxpayer funds, and although I'm sad to see it run into hard times, I'm pleased that taxpayer dollars didn't fund what has proved to be an unsuccessful venture.

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JW said:

If anything this will be a great poster child to hold up when the next movement is afoot for a river tax, which there have been some rumblings here lately. If you think about it, there are very few places along the river you can just pull up and see what's happening..and given the drive to it nature of Tulsans, that doesn't bode well.

Carol said:

Mike -

The west coast swing dance community really enjoys going to Midnight Rodeo at the Riverwalk - mostly because it's a smoke-free environment (as opposed to Carvan's smoking environment.)

It will be a shame to lose Midnight if this thing goes under.

That said, probably the single most annoying thing in my opinion is there is just about only one way in, one way out design. There is a secondary way out of the parking lot, but it doesn't seem to take you back across the river very easily. So pretty much everyone uses the same exit at the same time and between Midnight Rodeo & the 18 & up club The District, its horribly congested leaving and that is in spite of police directing traffic.

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