Tulsa mayor's race 2009 Bartlett Jr direct mail pieces

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The new issue of the Oklahoma Gazette covers the recently concluded Oklahoma City city council elections, in which candidates backed by a shadowy special interest group won all but one contested race.

The story notes (as was speculated on BatesLine last month) that Majority Designs, the same campaign team that produced the mailers for Dewey Bartlett Jr's campaign for Mayor of Tulsa in 2009, produced the campaign materials for the Committee for OKC Momentum. Majority Designs is an affiliate of AH Strategies, Karl Ahlgren and Fount Holland. Here are four of the Bartlett Jr mailers I received during the general election campaign, connecting Democrat nominee Tom Adelson to national liberals, tagging Adelson as soft on child molesters, making questionable use of a couple of Disney characters to call Adelson a liar, and a piece listing endorsements from Tom Coburn, Jim Inhofe, and John Sullivan.









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Bob said:

Which shadowy special interest group will attempt to highjack the election of our City Council this fall?

Metro Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, Kaiser, or Save Our Tulsa?

The A Team said:

The Tulsa Corruption Foundation

On the Agenda at tonight's Council meeting:


b. Donation of $6,128.19 from the Tulsa Community Foundation for reimbursement of the Mayor’s travel expenses to Washington, DC on March 17, $1,190.58, on May 3, $2,192.73, and on June 18, $1,485.87, New York, NY on September 15, $1,259.01. 10-790-3

Jay Casey said:

We are seeing the bad effects of Citizens United come to our cities now. The Oklahoma Gazette piece is well worth reading - and thank you for covering the subject in Tulsa and reproducing the misleading mailers Bartlett used. Of course deceptive advertising in an election is nothing new but the ability of the interests behind an election being able to hide is. This is sinister no matter which side of the political spectrum it comes from. Our democracy is in grave danger because the monied now have a way to try to buy elections without the public knowing what they are doing. If money is free speech (which I don't buy) then at least reveal which mouth it is coming from.

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