Mitch Daniels to headline OCPA Tulsa gala, October 6, 2011

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The Oklahoma Council for Public Affairs (OCPA), a free-market think-tank focused on state policy, will hold its annual gala here in Tulsa, on October 6, 2011, at the Renaissance Hotel. Keynote speaker for the event is Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Single-seat tickets for the gala begin at $125 (of which $75 is tax-deductible). Proceeds go to support the work of OCPA.

In May, Daniels signed into law a school voucher program with the largest eligibility pool of any such program in the country. In addition to vouchers for students in public school seeking to enroll in private school, the new Indiana law provides for up to $1,000 state tax deduction for private school and homeschooling expenses for those families that had already opted out of the public school system.

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Bob said:

Someone needs to ask Gov. Mitch Daniels about his sale of the Indiana Turnpike System to a foreign Spanish-Australian consortium in order to extract higher toll fees from Indiana perpetuity?

Mickey said:

Not sure what Indiana has to do with anything...what someone does not to start questioning is why the OK Corporations Commission is trying to jam a new $47 million tax down our throats secretly. Just read about this today and if you don't already know, they're going to vote Tuesday on this new tax to support the "Universal Service Fund" which is meant to support landlines. First of all, doesn't everyone have a cell phone these days. Second, why is the panel of elected Republicans trying to impose new taxes on us? If that's a Republican, we need a new party.

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