Tulsa Election 2011: Primary aftermath

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Congratulations to the winners.

Bob Baker Marionette Theater Holiday Spectacular

Click to see the uncanvassed 2011 Tulsa city primary results from the Tulsa County Election Board.

A bit hard to do turnout comparisons because of the shift in boundaries, but some areas appear to be higher than they were in 2008, the last primary with no mayoral election on the ballot.

As I went around to three different watch parties (Barnes, Ewing, and Roemerman), I didn't have time to sit and type blog updates, so I used the Twitwoop service to post short audio clips to Twitter, which you can hear via the BatesLineTwitter feed. (I'll try to post them here directly, perhaps tomorrow.)

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Bob said:


Your picture of the puppet masters and their little dancing puppets was worth a thousand words!

With seven of nine sitting councilors being replaced, we will soon see who is dancing to their new puppet master.

Although considered by many to be a puppet-master, the Metro Tulsa Chamber of Commerce is also a puppet of the local moneyed elite, funded by approximately $2,000,000 annually in Tulsa Taxpayer dollars to help control our local government, and agitate for ever more tax-and-spend projects.

Expect a new "River Tax" to be foisted upon us with the new council inauguration.

King Kaiser will be very happy this a.m., with two certified sock-puppet Councilors, Lakin and Bynum, one for each hand, who have his hands full up their backsides.

However, with the Solyndra Congressional hearing beginning this a.m., King Kaiser's joyous rapture may be short-lived.

How much more money will King Kaiser be tempted to exploit from his fellow citizens of Tulsa to make up for his losses on Solyndra?

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