Democracy Denied: How Obama uses czars, regulations to bypass Congress

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Phil Kerpen, Vice President of Policy for Americans for Prosperity, has a new book out: Democracy Denied: How Obama Is Ignoring You and Bypassing Congress to Radically Transform America -- and How to Stop Him. I have a review copy, provided by AfP, and am reading it now with a review to come in a few days.

The book documents how President Obama is using czars and regulation to implement his left-wing agenda, bypassing Congress and overriding the will of the American people on issues like Internet regulation, cap and trade, union card check, Obamacare, and financial regulation. An interactive chart at illustrates these five areas and how to combat regulatory extremism.

Here's a brief trailer that will give you a sense of the book.

The theme of Kerpen's book continues to resonate, as earlier this week Obama announced an executive order to change the Federal Home Affordable Refinance Program. That link leads to a CBN News report which includes a brief interview with Phil Kerpen about the change and how it fits into the pattern described by his new book.

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Laramie Hirsch said:

Yeah, he has enacted more Executive Orders than most presidents. I can't remember if he's had more than Bush or not. But I tell you this--if you read some of the orders he's presided over, you'll have nightmares for a month.

roy said:

My concerns (aka nightmares for the last several dozen months) stem from those sorts of things getting nearly nil press.

Regrettably, he's also doing it with the new "early learning" grant being promoted by his most prominent Tulsa booster. The Home School Legal Defense Association has a new memo about what it calls a "federal power grab" ("Federal Government Threatens Parental Rights with Early Learning Challenge"). HSLDA points out: "Faced with legislative defeat, the U.S. Department of Education decided to accomplish the same goals of using federal dollars to pressure states into expanding early education programs through regulation. This was done through Race to the Top’s Early Learning Challenge."

steven r said:

Have you contacted Michael Medved to interview Phil Kerpen?

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