Newt Gingrich Tulsa visit, Monday, 2/20/2012

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Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich will be speaking at ORU's Mabee Center next Monday, February 20, 2012, and in Oklahoma City as well. Here are the details from an email from the Oklahoma Republican Party:

Tulsa - 2:00 pm
Mabee Center, Oral Roberts University
7777 S Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74136

Oklahoma City - 6:30 pm
Jim Thorpe Museum
4040 N Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

This event is free to listeners of a certain talk radio station -- and everyone else.

Newt Gingrich and Callista Gingrich, September 11, 2010, S3016602

BatesLine photo: Newt Gingrich and Callista Gingrich introduce the premier of America at Risk: The War with No Name, at the Newseum in Washington, D. C., September 11, 2010.

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Graychin said:

A recent poll shows Newt to have a 25/63 favorability/unfavorability rating, making him the undisputed "Most Disliked Politician in America."

Since the recent visit by Rick Santorum was moved from the "Baby Mabee" to the mothership to accommodate the crowd, perhaps Newt's visit should be moved to a smaller venue to avoid embarrassment.

Beau Author Profile Page said:

I'm sorry for the off-comment.. but when I read "Callista" and see that picture... I can only think Callisto, the round moon of Jupiter. I don't know why.

Shiny, round, and silvery.

Callista and Callisto are one and the same according to Wikipedia, with the final vowel shifting from "o" to "a" for use as a feminine name. The nymph Callisto was seduced by Zeus, who had disguised himself as Artemis (a female deity whose name is considered masculine nowadays), he got her pregnant, and then Hera turned her into a bear. Zeus put Callisto and their son Arcas in the heavens as Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Hera arranged with Tethys, wife of Oceanus, to deprive them of water, so they are doomed to spend eternity in the sky above the horizon.

For some reason, this picture makes me think of Cloris Leachman as Nurse Diesel in High Anxiety or Tilda Swinton from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

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