Super Tuesday is underway

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It's presidential primary election day in Oklahoma, with polls open across the state from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Both parties have a primary today. Click here to see the full list of candidates. Republicans have a choice of seven candidates: Santorum, Gingrich, Romney, Paul, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Perry. Democrats have five options, including President Obama, anti-abortion activist Randall Terry, and Midwest City resident Jim Rogers, who was the 2010 Democratic nominee for U. S. Senate.

Click "Continue reading" for details on today's municipal elections, how to find your polling place, showing ID at the polls, how delegates will be bound, and where to find up-to-the-minute election results.

Don't forget: The Voter ID law is in effect, so you'll need to present your voter ID card, driver's license, or other government issued ID at your polling place in order to receive a ballot. With the exception of a voter ID card, eligible ID cards will be issued by a federal, state, or tribal government and will have your photo and an expiration date.

Several area municipalities also have elections today: Collinsville, Owasso, Sand Springs (including five propositions), Claremore (three charter amendments), Drumright, Cleveland (one proposition), and Morris. There's a proposition on the ballot in Wagoner County's Lone Star Fire District and one in Okmulgee County's Midway School District

The primary result in each party will bind delegates for their respective national conventions. Oklahoma Republican rules set a 15% threshold for a share of the 25-delegate statewide pot and for the three delegates at stake in each congressional district. 50% in any of those jurisdictions takes all the delegates for that area.

Democrat rules call for 10 delegates and six PLEOs ("superdelegates") to be pledged statewide, plus six in each congressional district (except CD 3, which only gets five). Congressman Boren and the four Oklahoma members of the Democratic National Committee will attend the convention as unpledged delegates. Pro-life Democrats could make a strong statement by showing up today and voting for Randall Terry in great enough numbers to deny Obama a clean sweep here.

There are about 200 fewer precincts in Oklahoma than there were at the last election -- consolidation helps to cut the cost of running elections, but it also makes it likely that your polling place has changed. If that happened, you should have received a new votercard in the mail.

Tulsa County Election Board has a precinct locator to help you find which districts you're in and where you should vote. The Tulsa County Election Board phone number is (918) 596-5780. Rogers County Election Board has a brand-new website. The phone number is (918) 341-2965. Here's a complete list (PDF) of Oklahoma's county election boards.

Tonight we'll be able to watch results come in precinct-by-precinct, and actually know which precincts are reporting. As soon as a precinct's ballot box arrives at the county election board, the results will be uploaded and tabulated. You'll be able to look at totals for any race in the state and drill down to individual precincts. For the presidential primary, you'll also be able to see Oklahoma results by congressional district, since that result matters for allocation of delegates in both parties. (Kudos to the Oklahoma State Election Board staff for making that available.) For serious number crunchers, the "Export Reports" button will allow you to download results in XML, Microsoft Excel and other formats.

Tulsa County results by precinct
Statewide results

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