Tulsans Against Chloramine invite mayoral candidates to Tuesday meeting

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Last year the City of Tulsa changed the secondary disinfectant used in our drinking water from chlorine to chloramine, a derivative of ammonia. The change was to meet EPA regulations intended to eliminate a carcinogenic by-product of chlorine disinfection (trihalomethanes), but the replacement method has its own unpleasant side effects: Chloramine-treated water can't be used in fish ponds or for dialysis, it can cause rubber plumbing parts to deteriorate, may leach lead from old pipes, and there are concerns that it hasn't thoroughly been tested for health effects on humans.

A group called Tulsans Against Chloramine attempted unsuccessfully to persuade the Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority to stop the conversion to chloramine and opt for a safer method of disinfection. Since the conversion, TAC has been continuing to work to educate the public about their concerns and building pressure to reverse the decision.

Tulsans Against Chloramine have invited candidates for Tulsa mayor to attend their meeting this Tuesday night, March 12, 2013, at 6:30 at Hardesty Regional Library, 8316 E 93rd St, Tulsa. The speaker will be Robert Bowcock, an expert on the use of chloramines in public water supplies.

Join Tulsans Against Chloramine for a meeting to discuss the CHLORAMINE in our water supply and what WE can do to reverse the decision. The Tulsa Mayoral candidates have been invited to attend this meeting. We feel it is important for them to know our concerns and to have the most up to date information regarding Chloramine.

Let's make Tulsa a city that does the right thing for the health and property of its people as well as our environment.

Our guest speaker is Mr. Robert Bowcock, who is a national water specialist and an American Water Works Association member for over 30 years. He conducts environmental investigations with Erin Brockovich. Mr. Bowcock is working with TAC to stop the use of Chloramine and move towards a safer alternative for the Tulsa area.

Please join us to make a difference in our community.

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Ellen Powell said:

There are Tulsans who have developed skin, respiratory, and/or digestive symptoms since chloramine went into the tap water last summer. More Tulsans will develop these symptoms as time passes. Citizens groups have documented these specific symptoms with thousands of people throughout the U.S., as chloramine replaces chlorine in more and more public water supplies. For more information, go to the website associated with this post.

sinus and nasal congestion
life-threatening asthma-like symptoms
bronchial and emphysema-like symptoms

rashes and red burning skin
intense itching
dry, chapping, flaking, cracking skin
welts and blistering skin with scarring and pigmentation
peeling, bleeding lips, dry mouth and throat
dry eyes

irritable bowel symptoms-like reactions (IBS)
acid reflux-like symptoms

Beth Nord said:

I cannot use our chloraminated water-period. Not for drinking or bathing because I got terrible skin rashes and the doctors I visited could not figure out why. Turned out it was the water. Once I got off our tap water the rashes cleared up-amazing. Chloramine can cause respiratory and digestive problems as well. Please see www.chloramine.org for more information.

Lbbj1965 Author Profile Page said:

You should also check out Susan Pickford. She is an attorney and has been researching this subject a long time. My name is Lisa Johnson and I live in Rutland Vermont and we are going through the same problem right now. Both Bob Bowcock and Susan Pickford did a live Skype presentation to help inform our City Commissioner of Public works about the dangers of using chloramine. I hope this has been a little helpful. Good luck to you all !!

Just in case the link I posted doesn't show I will put it here as well. This is Susan's.


Please check it out :-)

Rocky Frisco said:

On top of the lack of wisdom in experimenting with the health of citizens, there is the fact that the TMUA chairmen, R. L Hudson is in the business of selling the rubber seals that chloramine destroys, probably the clearest case of conflict of interest I have ever heard of. If you want to investigate corruption in local government, I would say start here.

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