NPS "barackades" historic San Francisco restaurant

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Here's the latest in a long series of the Obama Administration's spiteful shutdown of private businesses and open-air monuments.

The Cliff House, a landmark San Francisco restaurant and tourist attraction overlooking the Pacific Ocean, privately owned and operated without federal tax dollars and accessible by city streets, has been forced by National Park Service brownshirts to shut its doors, putting Americans out of work and depriving the Federal government of lease revenues paid by the restaurant and which help to preserve the historic site. The restaurant had decided to reopen to staunch an estimated $10,000 daily loss for each day the restaurant was closed, but the NPS, under orders from Washington, forced them to close once again.

Here is the full statement from the Cliff House ownership:

News Alert from Cliff House October 8, 2013 Cliff House closes doors (again)

In response to the Federal Government shutdown the Cliff House had decided to reopen its doors, Monday, October 7, 2013. While this bold move challenged the shut down order, the Cliff House, a privately owned business that does not depend on any tax dollars or federal funding, must have income in order to survive and meet its obligations to the public visitors, its employees, and the Park Service.

As of tonight, end of business day, Cliff House will once again shut its doors due to a mandate by the Federal Government. While the local Park Service officials have been sympathetic and helpful in relaying the Cliff House's concerns to Park Service Headquarters in Washington, D.C., the decisions are driven by D.C. which instructed that the facility must close.

So, despite its efforts to remain open and constant communication with the Park Service, the Cliff House had no choice but to close or face severe consequences which would have impacted the entire operation which the local operators of The Cliff House have worked so hard to maintain over the past 40 years.

The Cliff House operates 365 days a year and employs 170 staff most of whom are furloughed. Even though the Cliff House is not open for business there are daily operating costs, which include maintenance of the iconic Cliff House building, ironically for the benefit of the Park Service in addition to the visiting public.

Having been shut down for four days the Cliff House has already assumed considerable financial loss and will continue to incur losses of approximately $10,000 per day for so long as the shutdown order remains in force. Outreach has been done to donate unused food to local charities that would have otherwise gone to waste.

The Cliff House recently celebrated 150 years, is loved by the locals and is a
world-wide destination.

Cliff House
1090 Point Lobos
San Francisco, CA 94121

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Bob said:

Obama and the Chicago Democratic Party Machine thugs he brought with him to Washington intentionally engineered the limited Federal government shutdown to inflict maximum pain on the American public.

Like shutting access to National Park Service administered parks, monuments, museums and even private businesses like restaurants and lodges and even Mount Vernon's parking lot, that just happen to reside on Federal park land.

They took the Clintoon Administration 1995-1996 government shutdown playbook, and added Chicago gangster government to it.

However, I am happy to personally report that the purported furlough of approximately 800,000 Federal employees has inflicted not the slightest negative impact on my life.

Makes me really wonder if they are even actually needed to ever return to work.......

Graychin said:

"Brownshirts"? Really?

Godwin's Law has kicked in awfully early in this round, hasn't it?

I happened to be on the Big Island of Hawaii in late December 1995 - the last time that Congress refused to pass a continuing budget resolution. That government shutdown spoiled my only chance in this lifetime (so far) to see the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. My disappointment was huge. It still is.

For some odd reason, I didn't blame Bill Clinton or refer to the park rangers as "brownshirts." Like the DC ranger berated by a boorish Congressman last week, the rangers were just doing their jobs. (Or "following orders," if you prefer.)

Partisanship plays strange tricks on the mind, doesn't it?

What I DID do with my Hawaii disappointment was write a strongly worded letter to my Congressman - Steve Largent. In his response, Largent expressed his complete confusion over why anyone would blame Congressional Republicans for the shutdown!

Therefore, I am very grateful that Mr. Largent is no longer in politics. He is much better suited for his present career as a lobbyist.

As for Largent's boss, Speaker Gingrich: petulance is a dangerous personality trait for those wielding great power.

The only petulance I see is coming out of the White House and being expressed through the National Park Service. There is no legal requirement and no good reason to close businesses which require no federal personnel or resources to operate, which generate income for the government (through lease payments), and which keep historic places like the Cliff House in use and in good repair for future generations. There is no legal requirement and no good reason to spend extra money barricading open-air monuments that are normally accessible to the public 24/7/365. This is being done by our executive branch to make Americans suffer.

Jay Casey Author Profile Page said:

This is a distraction Michael. The important matter is the tea party shutdown of the government not whether this or that concessionaire on Park land is closed or not. There were legit reasons to shut access but the NPS "brownshirts" allowed the restaurant to open a few hours later. What disturbs me is you ignoring the real issue and denigrating these hard-working rangers who are often in harms way to protect the public safety.

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