Piers Morgan vs. Nathan Dahm and the 2nd Amendment

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Oklahoma State Sen. Nathan Dahm (R-Tulsa) acquitted himself admirably in an appearance Monday night on CNN's Piers Morgan show. Dahm's invite to appear was the result of his decision to name his bill, authorizing Oklahomans to carry a firearm without first needing to acquire a license, after Morgan, an outspoken critic of gun rights.

About 14 minutes into the video, I thought I heard Morgan use an antiquated term to distinguish police officers and soldiers, whom he would allow to keep and bear arms, from ordinary citizens, whom he would not. At first and second hearing, I could have sworn he referred to ordinary citizens as "villeins," a feudal term referring to peasants who were legally bound to the lord of the manor and who were not free to travel without their lord's permission. On the third listen, it was clear that he said "civilians," but I think the synonym for serf isn't far from Morgan's opinion of free American citizens and the limits to which they should be subjected.

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