OK Democrat chairman to party: Don't fly your freak flag

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Just a quick note to call your attention to a post at Sooner Politics. David Van Risseghem has gotten hold of an email that was purportedly sent by Oklahoma Democratic Party chairman Mark Hammons to party leaders and staffers, based on meetings with Democratic legislative leaders, about the party's media strategy during this election year. In a nutshell, the party is hoping Oklahoma voters forget how far-out in left field they are:


A. Tax credits or tax solutions to the revenue shortfalls or methods to solve educational funding. Our leadership is letting this position evolve. No more comments on sale tax increases at present.

B. Sexual orientation bills, abortion, Planned Parenthood. Similarly, no gun control, 2d Amendment issues. No statements on farm/agricultural bills without House/Senate prior okay. There are a lot of bills on those issues. The Republican strategy is to try to nationalize the local races and our priority must be to focus only on the local issues outlined as 1-8 above. We may (and should) offer private support to opponents of these reactionary bills and access to what resources we can. However we can't fall into the Republic[an*] trap of making this Republican/Democrat issues. These have to be open for the candidates to make their own decisions so No ODP public statements or posts without House/Senate Caucus approval.

C. No Party statements of position on death penalty, marijuana issues. I know Connie supports these and that they are likely part of her campaign. We will not oppose or criticize - just can['t*] make them ODP issues at present.

Read David's story for the full text of the letter, including the eight issues that they think are winners.

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