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In honor of the upcoming semimillenial celebration of Martin Luther's 95 Theses, Desiring God Ministries is running a daily series of biographies during the month of October, entitled "Here We Stand: A 31 Day Journey with Heroes of the Reformation," presented both as text and podcast. These are brief -- about 5-7 minutes each -- and my youngest and I have been using them as bedtime reading, each reading alternate paragraphs and learning about these courageous saints who were faithful to the Gospel at great personal cost.

The RSS feed for "Here We Stand" contains direct links to each article and its corresponding MP3, but for your convenience, here are the articles/episodes that have been published to date.

Also on the website is a video series by John Piper: "Are the Solas in the Bible?" The "Solas" are the principles at the heart of the Reformation, each expressed in Latin with a form of the adjective solus, alone. These videos, running about 15 minutes each, are something like watching a chalkboard lecture: Piper discusses several passages of scripture, which are shown on screen, with words circled and underlined as he speaks about them.

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