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Jan, the Happy Homemaker, a fellow Okie blogger, has posted a wonderful response to a visitor who came to her blog via the Google search "how to be happy as a homemaker":

No matter your situation in life, it is a temporary season. Why not make the best of it? Homemaking (and motherhood) are really fleeting, but they are important. It is as if each task you undertake is a stitch in the great quilt of comfort that covers our nation. Your family may not realize all that you do, but they benefit nonetheless... just as you benefit from the works of countless others whose work goes unnoticed by you. Take pride in your own work, not seeking praise from others.

She links to a Homeliving Helper entry on combating depression, with questions and points to ponder (for everyone, not just for homemakers -- go read it), and has a couple more tips of her own.

In her Blogger profile, Jan writes, "At one time I was deep, but currently I'm just enjoying life and spouting out fluff. Maybe I'll be deep some other day. Maybe not." Jan is too modest. There's plenty of fun fluff (more motel postcards!), but she's deep, too, more days than not.

"Katherine, tell Daddy what we were talking about today."

"I can't tell him the same things, but they'll mean the same things."

"If we drove our car to the bottom of the earth, we'd be upside down, but it wouldn't feel like it. Grabity would push us up a little bit."

"Hayden is my best friend, but he doesn't know what 'kidnapping' means. He's my best friend, but he doesn't even know what it means."

"What does 'kidnapping' mean, Katherine?"

"It means taking a little nap."

They're back!


I hear singing in the backyard! The toads have returned, a bit later than last year.

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