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Why so quiet?


It's been a busy week, nearly all of which was spent working out of town, trying to penetrate the imponderable depths of IEEE 1394 and CANbus protocol transactions and RTX device drivers.

I haven't forgotten you, dear reader, and often in the last week I've thought, "I've got to blog about this." But I worked 12-hour days, and spent the little bits of off-time trying to get the hotel's free wireless Internet service to work with my laptop, which left me with little energy for writing. Even fell behind on e-mail.

Plenty has been happening in Tulsa during my absence, which I hope to comment on here, and during my regular spot Monday morning on KFAQ.

It's good to be back home.

Welcome to readers of The Corner!


In response to an appeal from K-Lo (Kathryn Lopez, editor of National Review Online) in NRO's group blog, The Corner, I e-mailed her some observations about the Democrat presidential primary here in Oklahoma. This morning, she posted my observations as part of a roundup of all the states holding primaries today. The name of the website was mentioned (although not hyperlinked).

So if you found us via The Corner, welcome! This is a conservative weblog -- slightly "crunchy", as I'm interested in urban design and historic preservation. This blog is focused on Tulsa politics, but I delve now and then into world news, travel, culture, education, music, and faith. I hope you'll stay and browse, and let me know what you think with an e-mail to blog at batesline dot com.

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