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Silence is golden


A recent profundity from The Dawn Patrol, not that there's anything unusual about such an occurrence:

There's something I've longed to write on this blog for a long time, but I have always stopped myself for fear it would come out sounding too childish or sentimental. I am going to say it just once now and leave it tucked inside this entry, to speak for now as well as those few other special times when I want to express this feeling:

There are some experiences or conversations that I enjoy so much that I don't write about them, for fear that giving a word-for-word account will break the spell somehow. It's not because I fear sharing them with the world, but because I fear that, as with when one writes down a dream, I'll wind up remembering what was written instead of what happened. It seems better to risk forgetting the interaction than to remember it only according to what can only amount to, at best, a superficial outline.

Amen. (Sorry. I meant to say, "Indeed.")

Interesting to see what search strings are bringing readers to this site. Here are the top ten so far for March:

howie carr cute baby pictures dykwia vote batesline beef on weck gorilla howie carr columns devon jones

Howie Carr and cute baby pictures usually jockey back and forth for first place.

I may be getting more visitors looking for info about beef on weck, the Buffalo, N.Y., delicacy -- my entry is number 6 in Google, right below an article from the public radio show "The Splendid Table".

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