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There's a lot to be said, but not enough time to say it. I am cramming in a lot of activity during a week back at the ranch-style home, which isn't leaving much time for the blog.

So as not to leave you without reading material, let me highlight a few blogs of interest:

The OkiePundit comments on Citgo's departure and the failures of the city and state economic development efforts:

On the Oklahoma side - the new Henry Administration quickly replaced most of the state's economic development professionals with international experience with personal friends with marginal experience in economic development. When Henry came to office the Commerce Department had one expert on CITGO and she was let go.

On the Tulsa side the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce failed to develop a relationship with CITGO's Venezuelan leadership - in part because the Chamber has no international professionals on staff - not one.

Okiedoke posts a regular roundup of Okie blogs.

Last week Bitweever gave us a peek at the azaleas in Woodward Park.

Dustbury is always worth a read.

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