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Like the linkblog?

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Now that I've had the linkblog -- that list of short takes on stuff I've found on the WWW -- up for about a month, I'm curious to know what you think of it. Useful? Distracting? Too tiny to read? An indication that BatesLine has jumped the shark?

If you're wondering where the stuff that scrolled off the bottom went to, you'll find an archive of all previous linkblog entries here. At some point, I'll probably set up monthly archives.

In order to better accommodate some of my other obligations, my weekly slot with Michael DelGiorno on KFAQ is moving, at my request, to Tuesday mornings in the 6 o' clock hour.

(I was gratified to hear that at least one listener was concerned enough to complain to the station when he didn't hear me this morning as usual. Sorry for not giving everyone advance notice.)

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