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I used iTunes to mix a CD for our recent trip to west Texas. It's a combination of songs about Texas, songs about cotton farming, favorite Western Swing instrumentals (including arguably the first rock'n'roll song ever recorded -- Junior Barnard's Fat Boy Rag, recorded in 1946), and a few other songs that I just plain love. Of course, I had to start it with "The Texas Playboys are on the air!"

Here it is -- all tunes by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys unless otherwise noted.

  1. Playboy Theme
  2. Three Guitar Special (Tiffany Transcriptions Vol. 5)
  3. Big Ball's In Cowtown, Asleep At The Wheel (George Strait vocal)
  4. Dipsy Doodle, Billy Jack Wills And His Western Swing Band
  5. Miles and Miles of Texas, Asleep at the Wheel
  6. Panhandle Rag, Leon McAuliffe
  7. You're From Texas, Asleep At The Wheel, Ride With Bob
  8. Caravan, Billy Jack Wills And His Western Swing Band
  9. Way Down Texas Way, Asleep At The Wheel
  10. Playboy Chimes
  11. Yearning (Just For You), Asleep At The Wheel (Vince Gill vocal)
  12. Texas Blues
  13. Fat Boy Rag (Tiffany Transcriptions Vol. 5)
  14. Bottle Baby Boogie (my daughter's favorite -- she loves the way Billy Bowman makes the steel guitar say "Mama")
  15. Roly Poly
  16. Little Cowboy Lament, (sometimes called Little Cowboy Lullaby)
  17. Cadillac in Model 'A' (Billy Jack Wills sings about a small-town Saturday night)
  18. Texas Drummer Boy (featuring a Johnny Cuviello drum solo and a very catchy steel guitar melody by Herb Remington)
  19. Boot Heel Drag
  20. 'Tater Pie
  21. Mr. Cotton Picker, Billy Jack Wills And His Western Swing Band
  22. Texas Plains (Patsy Montana vocal)
  23. Cotton Patch Blues
  24. Smoke On The Water
  25. Hubbin' It
  26. Tulsa Straight Ahead, Asleep at the Wheel

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