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That's in New York City, where it's even more remarkable. Thomas Ognibene is challenging incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg in the Republican primary for this November's New York municipal elections. Scott Sala of Slant Point has been providing thorough coverage of the local New York political scene, and he's posted an interview with Ognibene, the first of several he plans to do with NYC candidates. Ognibene is pro-life and opposes the redefinition of marriage, positions that may win crossover votes from evangelical Democrats who can't find candidates in their own party who share their values. In the interview, Ognibene refutes the idea that only a liberal Republican can be elected Mayor, pointing out that Rudy Giuliani, while a social liberal, ran and governed as a conservative, cracking down on crime, reducing City Hall bureaucracy, trimming the welfare rolls, and cutting burdensome taxes and fees. Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg, a RINO, has focused on banning smoking everywhere, promoting a new Manhattan stadium for the New York Jets, and wants to spend $3 million from the city budget to promote the "morning after pill."

This should be a fascinating election to watch. Thanks, Scott, for giving us a front row seat.

Finally found the magic Google phrase to locate something I've been trying to find for some time now: A chart showing the number of Republicans and Democrats in each state legislative chamber in the United States. Here it is, on the website of the National Conference of State Legislatures, as of earlier this month.

If you want counts from further back in history, visit their Partisan Composition and Control page.

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