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UPDATE: At about 6:30 pm Tuesday evening, Sturdivant finally climbed aboard the fire department bucket and was lowered to safety and taken to Hillcrest hospital. Sturdivant had spent most of the afternoon talking to retired police negotiator Tyrone Lynn, who was in the bucket. Over and over again, Sturdivant would set a foot or two on the bucket platform but would then retreat to the tower.

In an interview with KOTV news, his former boss described Sturdivant as a hard worker who stayed with a telemarketing job even after the company owner stopped paying his employees. This appears to have been Sturdivant's first job after release from prison.

Court records show that Sturdivant made the first monthly $50 payment on his remaining fines and court costs in June, so it would seem he was trying to live a responsible life following his release.

MORE: Tyrone Lynn recounts negotiating with Sturdivant.

The man who climbed the broadcast tower atop the Clear Channel broadcast studios (the former Oertle's department store and Burlington Coat Factory) at 26th and Memorial has been identified as William Sturdivant II.

According to records on OSCN.net, and at the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website, a William Boyd Sturdivant II, born June 26, 1986, has had several run-ins with the law, a traffic arrest in May 2004, marijuana possession with intent to distribute in December 2005, burglary in January 2006, and unlawful possession of Schedule IV controlled substance in March 2007. It appears he has spent the last four years in prison, the result of repeat offenses and failure to comply with terms of deferred and suspended sentences. He was released on April 6, 2011.

What follows is a timeline of the five different cases on OSCN. The photos are from the Oklahoma DOC offender lookup website. (Click to enlarge to full size.)

2004/05/27: TR-2004-11536 and TR-04-11537: Stopped at 24th and Braden and cited for left of center in marked zone and driving with an expired license. Citation lists employer as "ANIMAL CLINIC"

2004/09/01: Failed to appear on May 27 citation. Attempt to suspend license failed, because he didn't have a valid license number. Warrant issued for his arrest.

2005/03/22: Sturdivant is arrested, pleads guilty, fined $10 plus court costs, and released.

2005/05/19: Bench warrant issued for failure to pay.

2005/07/14: Arrested and in court, found guilty of wilful failure to pay, sentenced to 15-day inmate work release program, with option to pay total cash bond and be released.

2005/07/27: Jail time completed as sentenced, release issued for 2005/07/28.

2005/10/13: Doesn't show for scheduled hearing on remaining court costs.

2005/12/09: CF-2005-5555: Arrested for unlawful possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

TulsaTowerGuy-William-Sturdivant-20060113.jpg2006/01/16: Pleads guilty to unlawful possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Sentence deferred for two years, supervised by Division of Probation and Parole, 100 hours of community service within 180 days.

2006/01/18: Payment plan agreement

2006/01/19: CF-2006-1121: Committed 2nd degree burglary

2006/03/09: Charged with burglary

2006/05/10: Application to accelerate judgment on earlier deferred sentence; bench warrant issued.

2006/06/08: Pleads guilty to burglary. Sentenced to four years suspended, concurrent with the sentence for marijuana possession, plus 80 hours community service.

2006/06/26: Found guilty of violating terms of deferred sentence for marijuana possession, sentenced to four years suspended, supervised by Probation and Parole.

2006/06/28: Revised payment plan agreement for accumulated fines.

2007/01/04: Application to revoke suspended sentence. No hours of community service were completed. Bench warrant issued.

2007/03/21: CF-2007-1617: Unlawful possession of controlled drug schedule IV

2007/03/27: In custody.

2007/05/02: Suspended marijuana possession sentence revoked, sentenced to four years in DOC custody, consecutive to CF-2007-1617 (possession of controlled drug schedule IV) and concurrent with CF-06-1121 (burglary).

TulsaTowerGuy-William-Sturdivant-20070524.jpg2007/05/24: Reception by Department of Corrections

2009/03/09: DOC photo

2010/06/29: DOC photo

2011/04/06: Released from DOC custody

2011/04/12: DOC notice to defendant of costs/fines due, release date 2011/04/06

2011/04/26: Payment of $50 due on June 27, and a payment on 27th of each month until case paid in full. Review scheduled for 2011/11/28.

2011/06/27: $50 payment made (listed on the docket summary for CF-2005-5555).

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