So You Want To Be A Conservative Writer? - Kurt Schlichter

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So You Want To Be A Conservative Writer? - Kurt Schlichter

Advice from a popular columnist who came out of seemingly nowhere just a few years ago.

"Narrow your focus. Tie the concept to an event happening right now - be topical and save your evergreen think pieces for when you have a following that will indulge a more leisurely take. Be fresh, even on a subject that everyone is writing about. Take Hillary Clinton, who I often refer to as "Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit." (Advanced Tip: Catchphrases can help set you apart from the pack) You might almost think that there is nothing left to be written about that dizzy diva and her epic flameout, but she's always coming up with some embarrassing new scheme to steal back a sliver of the limelight she so desperately needs. Find one little aspect of her horribleness, like her toleration for abusers on her staff even as she poses as The Champion of Womyn, or how Democrats are terrified she might try to make it a failure trifecta by running in 2020, and zero in. Be clear. Be focused. Be different from all those writers who submit a wet noodle when the editors are looking for a cold steel scalpel."


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