Cities: December 2008 Archives

OKC Central: Why Am I Not Surprised?

Out-of-place suburban design for Bricktown fire station appears not to have gone through the proper design review before coming before the City Council. Hey, at least you guys in Oklahoma City have design review for important urban districts.

Arena Football League reconsiders suspending 2009 season - Los Angeles Times

Tough economic times mean less spending on arena sports. The minor league version, Arena 2, is planning to play either way.

Greensboro's Treasured Places: What's Going On In There?

Greensboro, N. C., will use high tech, including ground-penetrating radar, to look beneath the surface of the 80-year-old War Memorial, to determine the soundness of concrete structure and its potential for adaptive reuse. The stadium was used for minor-league baseball until 2005 and still hosts college baseball. (Via Preservation Nation.)

Hit & Run > Best Sports Stadium Name Ever? - Reason Magazine

The only two Republicans on the New York City Council want to rename the Mets' new stadium Citi/Taxpayer Field. Citigroup has a 20-year, $400 million naming rights agreement, but Citi's federal bailout amounts to multiple billions of dollars. (Via Club for Growth.)

Urban Review STL: Euclidean Zoning To The Extreme

Good discussion of the evolution of use-based zoning, from Euclid v. Ambler to the present, and why St. Louis needs a new land use code to go along with its new comprehensive plan.