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Silver Dollar City Harvest Skillet in Recipes on The Food Channel®

Smoked sausage, green beans, wax beans, red potatoes, carrots.

Silver Dollar City Succotash in Recipes on The Food Channel®

Chicken, okra, kernel corn, yellow squash, green peppers, onion.

How to Love God by Getting More Sleep - Joe Carter

"My poor sleep hygiene was affecting my family, my work, and my physical health. And it was also affecting me spiritually....

"Sleep is a sign of trust and humility. But it's also a spiritual discipline. As D. A. Carson says, 'Sometimes the godliest thing you can do in the universe is get a good night's sleep--not pray all night, but sleep. I'm certainly not denying that there may be a place for praying all night; I'm merely insisting that in the normal course of things, spiritual discipline obligates you get the sleep your body need.'"

Carter offers some practical tips to improving sleep hygeine -- avoiding blue light, regular sleep and wake times, limiting alcohol and caffeine.

The Onion: Toyota Recalls 1993 Camry Due To Fact That Owners Really Should Have Bought Something New By Now

It's a joke, but it cuts close to home: "'We understand that the 1993 Camry was tremendously dependable, but, honestly, there's just no excuse for driving a 22-year-old car at this point,' said Toyota spokesman Haruki Kinoshita...."

Bartlesville Playtower | Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura's entry on the restored mid-century modern structure, designed by Bruce Goff, that has been restored and reopened in Bartlesville's Sooner Park. I remember climbing to the top of this when I was a kid, and I remember my dad and one of his brothers working their way around the Mobius Strip at the base of the tower. The last time I went up in the tower was 1978 when we were back at the park for my mother's high school reunion. One of the photos on this page shows the Mobius Strip structure and the tower in its prime.

Honda Odyssey power sliding door reset

Here's the procedure I used successfully on a 2001 Honda Odyssey EX to reset the doors when the right door just stopped working. What I did was based on this post for a 2007 Odyssey power sliding door -- the only change was that I only had to pull as single fuse, passenger panel #13.

The Last Gasps of Texas German | VICE | United States

In the late 19th century, Texas welcomed large numbers of immigrants from Germany and other countries in central Europe. Thousands of miles from the homeland, Texas Germans evolved their own dialect, with variations across the state. The German language fell into disfavor during the World Wars, and the last generation to speak German at home is dying out. A University of Texas professor is doing his best to document Texas German before it's gone.

How to Remove a 1998 Over-the-Range Kenmore Microwave Oven | eHow

In the comments, I explain what to do when the official Kenmore manual is completely wrong about the way the microwave (model 665.68601890) attaches to the wall mounting plate.

Baptist Theological Seminary campus at Rüschlikon, Switzerland, now conference center

The Swiss Re Center for Global Dialogue is on the grounds of Villa Bodmer in Rüschlikon, Switzerland, near the shores of Lake Zurich. The 40-room mansion was built by industrialist Karl Martin Leonhard Bodmer in the late 1920s. It was formerly home to the Baptist Theological Seminary, which purchased the estate for $240,000 in 1948 and began classes on the site in 1949. Mrs. Bates sang there in the early '80s as part of the University Baptist Church (Fayetteville, Ark.), collegiate choir, New Creations, and she and I walked around the campus and ate a picnic (tinned meat and fresh bread) in the car park during a trip to central Europe in September 1990. After defunding by the Southern Baptist Convention and the liberation of the former Warsaw Pact countries, both happening in 1991, the seminary changed its name to the International Baptist Theological Seminary and moved to Prague in 1997. The seminary's chapel remains on the site and is home to the International Baptist Church of Zurich.

The Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives has a collection of papers on the Baptist Theological Seminary, Rüschlikon, Switzerland.

NUVO: Your kid and my kid are not playing in the pros

An ER Doc takes competitive parents to task:

"I know, I know. Your family is different. You do all these things because your kid loves to compete, he loves the travel basketball, she loves the swim team, it's her life, it's what defines him. Part of that is certainly true but a big part of that isn't. Tens of thousands of families thrive in this setting, but I'm telling you, from what I've seen as a clinician, tens of thousands don't. It is a hidden scourge in society today, taxing and stressing husbands, wives, parents and children. We're denying children the opportunity to explore literally thousands of facets of interests because of the fear of the need to "specialize" in something early, and that by not doing this your child will somehow be just an average kid. How do we learn to rejoice in the average and celebrate as a whole society the exceptional? I'm not sure, but I know that this whole preoccupation is unhealthy, it is dysfunctional and is as bad as alcoholism, tobacco abuse, or any other types of dependency."

I Wasn't Treating My Husband Fairly, And It Wasn't Fair

"What this constant nagging and harping does is send a message to our husbands that says 'we don't respect you. We don't think you're smart enough to do things right. We expect you to mess up. And when you do, you'll be called out on it swiftly and without reservation.' Given this kind of negative reinforcement over time, he feels like nothing he can do is right (in your eyes). If he's confident with himself and who he is, he'll come to resent you. If he's at all unsure about himself, he'll start to believe you, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Neither one is a desirable, beneficial outcome to you, him or the marriage....

"If we keep attempting to make our husbands feel small, or foolish, or inept because they occasionally mess up (and I use that term to also mean 'do things differently than us'), then eventually they're going to stop trying to do things. Or worse yet, they'll actually come to believe those labels are true.

"In my case it's my husband of 12+ years I'm talking about. The same man who thanklessly changed my car tire in the rain. The guy who taught our kids to ride bikes. The person who stayed with me at the hospital all night when my mom was sick. The man who has always worked hard to make a decent living and support his family.

"He knows how to change the oil in the car. He can re-install my computer's operating system. He lifts things for me that are too heavy and opens stuck jar lids. He shovels the sidewalk. He can put up a ceiling fan. He fixes the toilet when it won't stop running. I can't (or don't) do any of those things. And yet I give him grief about a dish out of place. He's a good man who does a lot for me, and doesn't deserve to be harassed over little things that really don't matter in the grand scheme of things...."