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Incredibly Detailed Map of the World's Religions - Brilliant Maps

Colored by plurality religion in each census subdivision. In the USA, the county is used (census tract would have been even more interesting). In some countries, smaller geographical units are used. The article notes the existence of religion by default in Scandinavian nations. I suspect the difference in religiosity between Czechia and Slovakia, between Estonia and its Baltic neighbors, and between Vietnam and its neighbors is mainly a difference in the way those governments count religious adherents. Likewise, I don't think Australia is really that much more religious than New Zealand. I'd be interested to know how

Nolli map as a tool for small developers | CNU

"A Nolli Map is a two-dimensional plan drawing used to understand and document the accessibility and flow of space within a city. The first Nolli ever was drawn by the Italian architect from where the map derives its name from, Giovanni Battista Nolli. For purposes of dividing the city into wards and planning future public works, in 1736 Pope Benedict XIV commissioned Nolli to create the most accurate plan drawing of Rome ever made. Giovanni documented every building within the city and consequently every space. Unique to the Nolli Drawing is the representation of public space inside buildings, as part of the urban realm. There is no distinction between inside and out; only space and mass. The Nolli Map of Rome presented the Eternal City in a way that deepened the comprehension of its neighborhood fabric....

"As I enter into the realm of small scale incremental development myself, I can't help but recall the time I spent documenting Seaside. The level of comprehension I gained about this place, from walking and drawing every inch of it, was almost intimate. A key factor distinguishing small developers from the large developer is a deep and authentic understanding of a neighborhood. This is where the Nolli Map has its advantages and offers tremendous value to small scale developer."

Township and Range Search By Description

Input state, meridian, township, range, and section, and you'll be given the lat/long coordinates and a KML file for use with Google Earth. The site also has special tools (subscription required) for navigating the exceptional systems in use in California, Louisiana, and Texas.

what3words | Addressing the world

Ingenious system uses a sequence of three ordinary words to pinpoint any 3x3-meter square on the globe.

The last days of London - in pictures | Cities | The Guardian

Eighteen images by photographer Colin O'Brien of "last days" in London -- the last day of London's double-decker trams, the last days of Covent Garden as a produce market, a pie stall on the porch of a graffiti-besmeared St. Paul's Covent Garden, the last day of business for a Woolworths, the last photos of a cafe owner, the last run of a Routemaster bus, the horse and cart of one of the last rag-and-bone men in Hackney -- documenting the slow passing of pre-war London. If you enjoy '50s British radio comedy, you'll find some pictures here to help you see what you're hearing.

National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) Public Map Viewer

Shows the detailed location of oil and gas pipelines.

LOVELAND - National parcel data, property ownership search and GIS made easy

An attempt to collect all info about parcel ownership and value in the USA into one consistent, publicly accessible database.

San Francisco/NorCal Commuter Rail, Crayon Edition | Theodore Ditsek

A fantasy map of commuter rail around the Bay Area, based on actual rail right-of-ways, many of which were in use before World War II as interurban track. Based in part on this composite map showing Bay Area rail service in 1937.

April 26th, 1991 Plains Tornado Outbreak

A map-focused recounting of the high-intensity tornadoes that hit north central Oklahoma and south central Kansas a quarter-century ago. One of the tornadoes did $12 million damage to Oologah schools, ending the school year a month early.