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Arcane Radio Trivia: Flour power

Radio, live music, and flour: It's a combination that dates back at least as far as the Light Crust Doughboys from the Burris Mill. You've no doubt heard of the King Biscuit Flour Hour. And as far as I know, you can still hear ads for "Martha White's self-rising flour / That all-purpose flour" every weekend on the Grand Ole Opry. (Or you NPR types may be more familiar with Garrison Keillor's homage to the Martha White ads -- "Powdermilk Biscuits in the big blue box -- heavens, they're tasty and expeditious!") This blog entry mentions nine different flour sponsors of music on radio, but I'm surprised he overlooks "Play Boy Flour," the brand created by Bob Wills with Red Star Milling Company as a sponsor of his own broadcasts. (More about Play Boy Flour here.)