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Top 40 Top 40 stations of all-time: KOMA, WLS and WABC top the list - National Oldies Pop Music |

Oklahoma City's clear-channel, 50,000-watt blowtorch, AM 1520 KOMA, topped the list. The station was still playing the greatest hits of the Top 40 Golden Age until a few years ago and lives on at FM 92.5. Tulsa's 1430 KELi makes the list at 35th.

Tillman County Chronicles: "The Wave" at Pioneer Townsite

A historic Fun-Ful Ocean Wave merry-go-round, a spinning and rocking staple of school playgrounds in the first half of the 20th century, has been reconstructed on the grounds of the Pioneer Townsite museum in Frederick, OK, but it's been frozen in position -- too dangerous in the modern view.

Edwards Says He's in Top 24 At House Bank | News OK

From 1992: "Rep. Mickey Edwards admitted Sunday that he was one of the 24 worst abusers at the House bank and said he was planning to face his constituents today in Oklahoma City to release some of the details." Since Mr. Edwards is in the news again -- complaining about the Heritage Foundation -- it's worth remembering the congressional check kiting scandal and why he's no longer a congressman. In 1992, he lost the Republican primary, finishing 3rd.

Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Black-and-White Negatives at the Library of Congress

Dramatic photos from the Great Depression, many of Oklahoma and the American southwest.

Choctaw Nation v. Oklahoma - 397 U.S. 620 (1970)

The 1970 U. S. Supreme Court case that decided (6-3) that the tribes retained ownership of navigable river beds in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma House of Representatives - House Historic Members

A very neat web app that lets you list past Oklahoma state representatives. You can select by county, by range of years, or by district. You can download your results as a spreadsheet. Very interesting to see the shift from county at-large representation prior to 1965 to district representation ever since. Tulsa County had seven state reps in 1964; in 1965 Tulsa County had 15.

GIS Lounge: Over 120 Years of Mapping History Online

"The USGS Historical Topographic Map Collection currently makes over 98,000 maps dating as far back as 1884 available to the public. The maps are available in GeoPDF format and can be downloaded for free from the USGS store."

Oklahoma Almanac 2005: Oklahoma History

Comprehensive lists of Oklahoma's statewide elected officials, legislators, U. S. Senators and Representatives, District Judges, Appeals Court Judges, Supreme Court Justices, District Attorneys, Federal Judges, U. S. Attorneys, and U. S. Marshals, plus lists of museums, historical markers, Hall of Fame members, and Rhodes Scholars, from statehood to 2005.

McCasland Maps: Works Progress Administration, Nowata County, Oklahoma, sheet 7

In 1936, the WPA published maps of rural property ownership, one for each township in the state. This map shows Nowata and the area to the north. Of interest to railroad, interurban, and streetcar fans -- the map shows the route of the Union Electric Traction Company, an electric interurban line that connected Nowata to Coffeyville, Kansas until 1947.

Territorial evolution of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Step-by-step chronological account of the development of US international and interstate boundaries, the creation of territories, and the settlement of disputes -- not only what boundaries changed, but why, with links to further information. A good example of what Wikipedia does best.