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OCPA - Oklahoma K-12 Education Spending & Revenue

Easy-to-navigate data compiled from the Oklahoma Cost Accounting System and State Department of Education.

Overview: Statewide education spending, student enrollment, and spending per student; from 2005-2006 to 2015-2016.

District Trends: Select a district to see the 11-year trend for spending and enrollment, and revenue and spending per student.

District Spending by Year: See spending by Function (such as instruction) and Category (such as salaries), both the dollar amount and by percent of total spending. Trend graphs are also included on this tab.

Function Detail: See a district's spending in detail, by Function type and details (objects) for each type.

Spending Detail: See a district's spending in detail, by Category type and details (objects) in each type.

Revenues: See the overview of a district's revenue by year.

Revenue Details: See the details of a district's revenue by sources of money and by funds.

Ranking: Which district spends the most on education, has the most revenue, has the largest enrollment, and the highest spending per students.

Oklahoma Resists Push for Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Coverage -

Makes me proud to be an Oklahoman:

"Consumers who are eligible for insurance subsidies, in the form of tax credits, worry that they are getting something others cannot. Many Oklahomans have a strong streak of independence and are reluctant to rely on federal assistance. When told of their subsidies, Mr. [Steven] Goldman [insurance counselor at the Oklahoma Primary Care Association] said, consumers ask: 'Am I getting more than I deserve? Have I earned this? Is it fair?'...

"But for conservatives like Jonathan Small, the president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, it is a matter of prudence. The state cannot afford the Medicaid program it has, much less a larger program, he said. The federal government pays 100 percent of the cost of newly eligible Medicaid beneficiaries from 2014 to 2016, with the federal share declining gradually to 90 percent in 2020 and beyond. Critics of the health care law worry that in the future, the federal government might reduce its promised contribution.

"Then there are the rising costs, which have bedeviled many states. Premiums had been lower here than in many states. But, according to the federal Department of Health and Human Services, the cost of a benchmark insurance plan increased by an average of 35.7 percent this year in Oklahoma, more than in any other state using the federal exchange."

Edwards Says He's in Top 24 At House Bank | News OK

From 1992: "Rep. Mickey Edwards admitted Sunday that he was one of the 24 worst abusers at the House bank and said he was planning to face his constituents today in Oklahoma City to release some of the details." Since Mr. Edwards is in the news again -- complaining about the Heritage Foundation -- it's worth remembering the congressional check kiting scandal and why he's no longer a congressman. In 1992, he lost the Republican primary, finishing 3rd.

Oklahoma House of Representatives - House Historic Members

A very neat web app that lets you list past Oklahoma state representatives. You can select by county, by range of years, or by district. You can download your results as a spreadsheet. Very interesting to see the shift from county at-large representation prior to 1965 to district representation ever since. Tulsa County had seven state reps in 1964; in 1965 Tulsa County had 15.

US House Redistricting: Oklahoma

Would it have been possible to draw a congressional district in Oklahoma that Barack Obama would have won in 2008? Two different possibilities are presented, both of them long and narrow -- one stretching from north Tulsa to Lawton, the other a four-tentacled beast centered on Okmulgee, reaching into Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Logan County, the Lake Eufaula area, and Muskogee, Wagoner, and Tahlequah. But even in these districts, the best Obama could do was 51.9%.

Oklahoma State Election Board on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

A great deal of useful info from earlier elections was lost in a revamp of the Oklahoma State Election Board website. This link takes you to all available versions of the old site, going back to its launch in 1996.

26 O.S. 4-120.2: Inactive Voters

The Oklahoma law governing the designation and purging from the voter rolls of inactive voters.

Thad Beyle: Gubernatorial Power

Oklahoma has one of the constitutionally weakest chief executives -- tied for third weakest with Alabama, behind Vermont and Rhode Island. (Via Greg Ransom.)

WebGuy's Blog: Why won't Jim Inhofe stop spamming me?

"Inhofe's campaign is spamming one email address that was only used to order pizza from Papa John's Pizza. When I ordered the pizza I do not remember seeing an optional checkbox to receive Inhofe spam next to the checkboxes for pepperoni, Italian sausage, onions and anchovies. There was no fine print that stated my email address would be signed up 'as a volunteer' for the Inhofe campaign. Nevertheless, I am getting spam after spam thanking me for 'being a volunteer' for the Inhofe campaign. Why? While I am a registered Republican, that status is soon to change. I cannot and will not be a member of a party that thinks spamming people is OK." Via Politics and Technology, which says, "Don't email-append voterfile lists. You're just sending email to people who don't want it."

He ventured forth to bring light to the world | Gerard Baker - Times Online

An article of Biblical proportions -- a hilarious sendup of Obama's 1st Missionary Journey visit to Europe