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The Art of Being a Red State Liberal -- Strong Towns

"When you're in the minority, success is measured in inches.  It's not for the faint of heart. You have to be able to care and fight and lose, and somehow summon the hope to continue caring and fighting and losing, over and over again.  Until, eventually, maybe you win, just a little bit.

"But you'll never win if you don't respect the people who disagree with you."

Good advice for conservatives, too. And yes, Sarah Kobos is as gracious in conversation as she comes across in this essay.

Dear Tulsa - Beth Knight - Medium

"The Tulsa tech community has created this unique magic and it's something that needs to be noticed and fostered.

"I left Tulsa because I had exhausted the online resources, such as Team Treehouse and Bloc, and I did not want to pursue another four year degree. Wassim Metallaoui told me that a program in Denver called Turing could take me from a dabbler to a real software developer. It was an exhausting seven month program, but I did it. I found a job in Boulder that I will be starting this week and it's all roses. But I believe there should have been an option like this for me in Tulsa. Tulsa has a lower cost of living and a much more actively engaged programming community. Right now, the most difficult part of hiring a junior programmer is finding a company with a mentorship program in place. There is a rough 3 month on boarding process, but after that you have a fairly decent programmer. After a year of working they're considered mid level. The ramp up time is rough but it is brief. Maybe it needs to be subsidized by someone, I don't know. But it's not long to turn someone from a dabbler into a developer....

"Right now bootcamps all over the nation are shutting down because there is a glut of junior developers in the market. But not in Tulsa. Tulsa is a place where people are committed to their community and will do whatever it takes to see it thrive. This is my plea to companies to set up these junior positions and the city to bring in the bootcamps to retrain people. It's doable. I am doing it. I was not able to pursue this dream in Tulsa because the opportunity was not there, but it can be. I don't know how to fix the educational or transportation system, but I do know how to bring in more skilled labor. And when you have skilled labor, the companies follow."

My comment: Tulsa Technology Center and Tulsa Community College are rolling in taxpayer dollars, thanks to their dedicated slices of our property taxes. This is exactly the sort of program they ought to offer. Skills-focused training is why they exist.

10 British Things About Tulsa, OK | Anglophenia | BBC America

Things U.K., the White Lion pub, Scotfest, and cricket and rugby clubs are on the list.

Tulsa CrimeStream

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Tulsa CrimeStream

Tulsa Police Department live calls, mapped.

Daily chart: Urban ideologies | The Economist

Of 67 American cities with a population of more than a quarter-million people, Tulsa and Oklahoma are two of the 13 ranked right-of-center. In order:

Mesa, AZ
Oklahoma City, OK
Virginia Beach, VA
Colorado Springs, CO
Jacksonville, FL
Arlington, TX
Anaheim, CA
Omaha, NE
Tulsa, OK
Aurora, CO
Anchorage, AK
Fort Worth, TX

The ten most liberal: San Francisco, Washington DC, Seattle, Oakland, Boston, Minneapolis, Detroit, New York, Buffalo, Baltimore.

The graphic is an extract from a March 2014 study of studies called Representation in Municipal Government by Chris Tausanovitch of UCLA and Christopher Warshaw of MIT, examining "whether city policies are actually responsive to the views of their citizens" by moving in the direction of the views of their citizens. The analysis is of cities, not metropolitan areas; thus Arlington, Texas, Mesa, Arizona, and Anaheim, California, are considered separately from DFW, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

"However, unlike at the state and national level, we find scant evidence that differences in municipal political institutions affect representation. Neither the choice of mayor versus city council government, partisan or non-partisan elections, the availability of ballot measures, whether or not elected officials face term limits, or whether there are at-large or districted elections seem to affect the strength of the relationship between public policy preferences and city policies."

Regulatory Floodplain Map Atlas - The City of Tulsa Online

Maps showing FEMA and City of Tulsa floodplains in 3 mile by 3 mile sections.

GetReligion on Hobby Lobby's Green family and their Bible collection.

GetReligion looks at a New York Times business piece on the Green family and the collection they're building of ancient Bibles. This is the Green family that owns Hobby Lobby and Mardel and has given millions to pay off the debts of Oral Roberts University.

Variety review: Biker Fox

Self-produced biopic of one of Tulsa's eccentrics: "The man has no personal relationships we can detect, outside of the few people who work for him and the car-parts customers he frequently abuses on the phone. His past is an enigma, and the basis of his anger, which he admits to, is a secret. Without some kind of insight into what makes Biker Fox who he is, it's all a bit shallow, if frequently entertaining."

NIFG: Billy Caskey

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Northern Ireland's Footballing Greats: Billy Caskey

A summary of the career of the Tulsa Roughnecks star, who played even more years for Glentoran in his hometown of Belfast.

Tulsa Metro Baptist Association directory of churches

A listing of 153 Southern Baptist churches in and around Tulsa.