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Daily chart: Urban ideologies | The Economist

Of 67 American cities with a population of more than a quarter-million people, Tulsa and Oklahoma are two of the 13 ranked right-of-center. In order:

Mesa, AZ
Oklahoma City, OK
Virginia Beach, VA
Colorado Springs, CO
Jacksonville, FL
Arlington, TX
Anaheim, CA
Omaha, NE
Tulsa, OK
Aurora, CO
Anchorage, AK
Fort Worth, TX

The ten most liberal: San Francisco, Washington DC, Seattle, Oakland, Boston, Minneapolis, Detroit, New York, Buffalo, Baltimore.

The graphic is an extract from a March 2014 study of studies called Representation in Municipal Government by Chris Tausanovitch of UCLA and Christopher Warshaw of MIT, examining "whether city policies are actually responsive to the views of their citizens" by moving in the direction of the views of their citizens. The analysis is of cities, not metropolitan areas; thus Arlington, Texas, Mesa, Arizona, and Anaheim, California, are considered separately from DFW, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.

"However, unlike at the state and national level, we find scant evidence that differences in municipal political institutions affect representation. Neither the choice of mayor versus city council government, partisan or non-partisan elections, the availability of ballot measures, whether or not elected officials face term limits, or whether there are at-large or districted elections seem to affect the strength of the relationship between public policy preferences and city policies."

Tulsa World analysis of the top 250 highest paid earners for the City of Tulsa

#250 made $88,989.60 last year as a development services infrastructure manager. #1 is City Physician Philip R. Berry, paid $192,448.56 in 2013.

PDFUnlock! - Unlock PDF files online for free.

I used this handy tool to unlock a City of Tulsa document (a Tulsa Public Facilities Authority annual report) so I could OCR it. (By the way, there's no excuse for posting scanned, un-OCRed PDFs of Word or Excel documents when the original document is in the city's possession. Convert the file directly to PDF so it's easily searchable, and post the document in its original format, too.)

Selim Noillim Aslut « Irritated Tulsan

A scary way to start your week.

City Leader Rapper Names « Irritated Tulsan

Killa Grim Rick Nugget, Baddie John Easy-E Slim Curves, and Vile KT.

Good to Know Where Our Priorities Are... « Irritated Tulsan

"I know the OSU Medical Center issue has brewed longer than some of you [City Councilors] have been in office. I know there is a limit to what the city can do. This issue with me is priorities. The city finds $30 million in donations to build a ballpark, finds the money move city hall, but makes no mention of the OSU Medical Center until recently."

Lib Dem stripper: 'I'm quitting as councillor because no one respects me' | Mail Online

"She added: 'I look at the people within councils and realise it is impossible for someone like me to stay there without making huge sacrifices. Unless you are rich, unemployed or retired there is little possibility of being able to manage work, home life and the council.'" Just like Tulsa. (Via Jammie Wearing Fool.)

Roemerman on Record: Whose Shoes?

Crikey! An alligator died to keep a Tulsa City Councilor's feet dry. Click the link to find out whose shoes.