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A Guide to Tulsa's Nightlife... | The Lost Ogle

Chelsea, the Tulsa correspondent for an obscure social blog, rates the pros and cons of partying in Brookside, Cherry Street, the Bob Wills District, the Blue Dome District, and south Tulsa.

Tulsa Oklahoma Food Events, Festivals & Competition | The Tulsa Food Blog

Barbecue in Sallisaw, pecans in Okmulgee, and more food and fun in Bixby and Sapulpa.

Tulsa TV Memories: The Louisiane

It's "The Pour House" these days, but it used to be one of Tulsa's finest dining experiences, at 18th and Boston. Two photos on this page -- the late '50s "French Quarter" style makeover (the way I remember it from the '70s) -- and an earlier incarnation. Look closely -- it's the same building. (I like the original version better.)

Chicory & Chives Cafe - Tulsa Cajun Food & Best Breakfast in Tulsa | The Tulsa Food Blog

A tasty surprise tucked away in an industrial area on Charles Page Boulevard.

What are your favorite tea getaways?

"JadeKitsune" lists favorite places for tea in Tulsa, including Thai Chef, Shishkabob's, In the Raw, and Shades of Brown.

Bring QuikTrip To Oklahoma City!

Former Tulsan is Hotzi deprived. Ain't that right, Lamar? (Via Irritated Tulsan, who is tantalizing the QTinOKC guide with photos of QT food.)

Tulsa Food Blog - Tulsa restaurants casually reviewed

"Tulsa restaurants casually reviewed by normal everyday people who live to eat."

Yet Another Small Town Moment: Sgt. Schultz was right...Deutsch Lebensmittel ist wunderbar!

An old KFC building in Lawton is home to an abundance of German delicacies at the German Quick Stop Restaurant: bratwurst, knackwurst, weiner schnitzel, wurstbroetchen, leberkaese, spaetzle, sauerkraut, and strudel

A Google maps app that makes it easy to search for locally-owned coffee shops. You can narrow your search for places that offer wi-fi, ban smoking, among other features. But only a handful of Tulsa's indy coffee shops are listed -- so go add one that you know about. (I added Shades of Brown.)

Julie R. Neidlinger: Lone Prairie Art Works: Old prayers from Planet Childhood

A footnote about a visit as an adult to Denver's Casa Bonita: "You can't revisit childhood, and you shouldn't try. Just let it stay sweet in the memory." Actually, you can revisit childhood, but only by seeing it through the eyes of your own children. That's the only way I could tolerate eating at Tulsa's Casa Bonita / Casa Viva.