Tulsa tax vote: Getting involved with the opposition

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Dan Hicks, an architect and activist involved in the opposition to the 13-year sales tax increase, was on KFAQ this morning, letting people know how to get involved. He had several recommendations:

  • Educate yourself: Listen to Michael DelGiorno on KFAQ (5:30 am - 9:00 am, 1170 on the AM dial). Read the Tulsa Beacon (new issue every Wednesday, Quik Trip and other stores carry it). The Tulsa Whirled has a record of trying to ignore the opposition and withholding information favorable to the opposition; don't expect them to give you a balanced perspective.

    Dan was kind enough to recommend this site as a source of information. I will do my best to update regularly with facts and analysis about this election.

    One more info source to keep an eye on: Tulsa Today, Tulsa's pioneering online news source. Tulsa Today has been tracking Tulsa's "vision quest" since the mid '90s. There are already some excellent articles about this election on the home page; expect to see more in-depth analysis as the next 60 days unfold.

  • Talk to your friends. Point your friends to the information sources above.
    Let them know why you oppose the sales tax increase. The vote yes side will try to make people feel selfish or ignorant for wanting to oppose the tax increase.

  • Call the editor, write letters to the editor of the Tulsa World, Tulsa Beacon, Urban Tulsa. Keep your letters short (under 200 words), and make them witty -- a different angle or a fresh idea is more likely to get printed than "Amen to what that other guy said."

  • Call TV and radio stations and urge them to schedule debates, with opportunities for the public to ask questions.

  • If you want to help with the campaign or would like a yard sign, e-mail voteno2025@usa.com and provide your name, address, and phone number.

    A campaign organization has been registered, and if you want to contribute, make your check payable to "Tulsa County Coalition", and mail it to:

    Tulsa County Coalition 1336 E 48th St Tulsa OK 74105
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