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The Windows Update Icon is no longer in the Notification Area - WindowsBBS Forum

A particular Windows 7 Update (KB3075851), which seems to be installed notwithstanding user settings, removes the icon for user control of the update process and replaces it with a nag icon for Windows 10.

Related: How to uninstall KB971033 and why you may want to do so, and how to control Windows 7 Activation Update.

Fix Windows 7/8.1 privacy

How to disable specific Windows 7 and Windows 8 updates that compromise your privacy or push for upgrading to Windows 10.

Fix Windows 10 privacy

Instructions for how to shutdown privacy-breaking features of Microsoft's new Windows 10.

Historical Hurricane Tracks

This app from NOAA shows the tracks of all tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes in its record books and allows you to search for storms that have passed within a certain radius of a particular place. The closest a tropical storm has come to Tulsa: On August 7, 1918, a tropical storm dropped down to a depression near Webbers Falls in Muskogee County. The storm had hit the Gulf Coast as a Cat 3 hurricane south of Lake Charles, Louisiana, 24 hours earlier. Three other tropical storms have passed through Oklahoma: On September 10, 1900, a tropical storm, leftovers of a Cat 4 hurricane, maintained 35-45 knot winds as it crossed the territory from Jefferson County to Kay County, passing through the western parts of modern day OKC. On June 28, 1902, the remnants of a Cat 1 hurricane that made landfall at Corpus Christi clipped the southeastern corner of the Choctaw Nation. Cat 5 Hurricane Carla, which had made landfall near Victoria, Texas, the day before, was still barely at tropical-storm strength when it crossed the Red River on September 12, 1961. 2010's Hermine was the last time the remnants of a named storm came through Oklahoma, but here it was only a tropical disturbance.

Democratic Blues - Jeff Greenfield - POLITICO Magazine

It's rare that something makes the Republican Party look competent by comparison:

"'I would be the first to concede that we had failed to build a sturdy infrastructure for Democrats from the bottom up,' David Axelrod says. 'The Republican Party and supporting oligarchs like the Koch Brothers have invested exponentially more time and resources into building electoral strength from the grass roots up, concentrating on down ballot state offices, legislative races--even school board and City Council races. This has helped turn more than a few legislatures from blue to red, and also had created a larger pool of potential candidates for higher offices in the future.'"

Ireland monument to Choctaw Nation finished |

The sculpture in County Cork remembers the Choctaw Nation's generosity to the Irish people during the potato famine in 1847, not many years after Choctaw removal to Indian Territory.

Top 40 Top 40 stations of all-time: KOMA, WLS and WABC top the list - National Oldies Pop Music |

Oklahoma City's clear-channel, 50,000-watt blowtorch, AM 1520 KOMA, topped the list. The station was still playing the greatest hits of the Top 40 Golden Age until a few years ago and lives on at FM 92.5. Tulsa's 1430 KELi makes the list at 35th.

Freeman's Perspective: It's 460 AD in Rome: This Won't Be Fixed

Paul Rosenberg looks to the writings of Salvian, just before the fall of Rome, as a preview of coming "attractions" in our own culture. You might call this another take on the "Benedict Option."

"Even if this system doesn't crash for another century, everything done within it is a waste.

"It is fully corrupt, from top to bottom, and I don't believe there are any "good guys" inside, waiting for 'the right time.' It is OVER.

"I withdraw. I forsake them. I refuse to waste my energy on their politics. Humanity deserves better and I aim to do my part in building it.

"I will shed no tears when this system finally collapses - it will be a liberation.

"From here on, I'll build new things and will have nothing to do with the old....

"The good and productive people of this world deserve something better than the abusive dominators that seek to control their every move, and we are more than capable of building it. But we have to stop waiting for permission from the lords of the status quo - they will never give us permission to bypass their domination.

"We have to make our own decisions and simply start building something better. We are able, and this system is unworthy of our efforts.

"Now would be a very good time to start."

The Claim: A Soap-and-Water Rinse Gets Produce Cleanest - New York Times

"Scientists have found some effective household measures that can eliminate germs and pesticides. The simplest? Rinsing with tap water, which works as well as a mild soap solution or fruit and vegetable washes....

"Water temperature was not the key; friction was. "The mechanical action of rubbing the produce under tap water is likely responsible for removing pesticide residues," scientists wrote.

"For micro-organisms, try rinsing produce with a mild solution of vinegar, about 10 percent. In a 2003 study at the University of Florida, researchers tested disinfectants on strawberries contaminated with E. coli and other germs. They found the vinegar mixture reduced bacteria by 90 percent and viruses by about 95 percent."

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