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Epoch Converter - Unix Timestamp Converter

Shows the current time in seconds since the Unix epoch (0000 GMT 1970/01/01). Converts a given timestamp to human-readable time and vice versa. Unfortunately doesn't handle hexadecimals.

Transcript: Donald Trump's closed-door meeting with evangelical leaders

James Dobson, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr., Mike Huckabee all kneel before Zod.

MORE: Steve Deace explains why Franklin Graham is wrong to equate Donald Trump to flawed heroes of the Bible.

Telegraph: Has England voted leave or remain in the EU referendum?

Maps by region and voting district showing the outcome of the "Brexit" referendum.

The best advice on Twitter trolls was written by al-Ghazali in the 11th century | Sarah Kendzior

Jesus advised us not to cast our pearls before swine. This Sufi philosopher expands on the idea, distinguishing between questioners who would not profit from an answer (those asking from envy, the sophomoric who don't know how much they don't know, and those who haven't the ability to process what you tell them) on the one hand, and this sort of questioner on the other:

"But the sickness which is curable is that of the intelligent and understanding seeker of guidance, who is not overcome with envy and anger and the love of worldly vanities and wealth and honor, but is seeking the straight road; and his questions and objections do not arise from envy and a desire to cause trouble and to make trial. And he is curable, and it is permitted to attempt to answer him--nay, it is necessary."

Effect of Weekend Penalty Wage Rates in Australia

On top of a generous minimum wage, the Australian government mandates "penalty wage rates" -- bonus wages for working after 10 p.m. or on weekends or public holidays. The result: Few restaurants are open late, and many small cafes stay open only as long as the owner can stand to be there, because he can't afford to hire a second shift of workers. The link leads to a discussion by restaurant owners about the impact on their businesses.

National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) Public Map Viewer

Shows the detailed location of oil and gas pipelines.

LOVELAND - National parcel data, property ownership search and GIS made easy

An attempt to collect all info about parcel ownership and value in the USA into one consistent, publicly accessible database. British Christianity isn't dying. It's sleeping. Evangelism can awaken it

Tim Stanley says that the Christian faith was at a low ebb in the late 18th century.

"Easter Day in St Paul's Cathedral in 1800: can you guess how many people took communion? Six. Six people took communion. In the late 18th century the Church of England was in a dire crisis. Churches stood empty, clerical numbers were dwindling, people complained that priests were out of touch with their congregations. Worse: scepticism was on the rise - even atheism - and Jacobinism, which was violently anti-clerical, was on the march in Europe. Every complaint made about contemporary Christianity was made in 1800. Including the sad decline of Christmas, although the problem back then was one of uninterest. Most public workers just got one day off work. Scrooge was the rule, not the exception....

"Most critical, however, was the rise of evangelism in the 19th century. The Anglicans turned things around by launching missions: they treated Britain as if it was near-pagan and needed to be brought back to the faith. They decided that the faith had to be seen to be relevant to people's needs - so it was the churches that campaigned for workers' protections, the outlawing of child prostitution and the creation of the welfare state. The early Labour Party was dominated by Methodists, many of them obsessed with the evils of alcohol. But the Victorians didn't just pursue social justice for its own sake - as many contemporary liberal Christians do - they saw it as a tool of religious mission. They sought to feed both the belly and the soul....

"Imagine, say, that the Anglican Church was like Tesco. If Tesco stopped advertising, people would stop shopping there. If Tesco constantly banged on about how its own products are old fashioned and in need of updating, people would stop shopping there. If Tesco said that it would be nice if you'd visit once in a while but entirely understood why you don't, people would stop shopping there. Christians have become their own worst enemy - killing their faith with silence.

"Advertise. Speak up. Tell people about your beliefs. At the centre of the faith is the truth that Jesus died and rose from death to herald a new era. The power of the Good News is so great that it cannot fail to win converts. Time to share it."

How Microsoft's tricky new Windows 10 pop-up deceives you into upgrading | PCWorld

They've trained you to click the X to get rid of the upgrade popup, but now, clicking the X means "go ahead and upgrade"!

Meanwhile, Steve Gibson has developed a simple program to allow you to block the Windows 10 upgrade easily and permanently, and also to get rid of the gigabytes of update files Microsoft may have downloaded to your machine. Never10

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