Will the real Michael Bates please stand up?


Another Michael Bates from Tulsa makes the news more frequently than I do. He is Michael S. Bates, director of human resources for the City of Tulsa. Although I am often up at City Hall, I am not now and never have been employed by the City. I'm sure Michael S. would prefer not to be blamed for some of my opinions. I (Michael D.) would prefer not to be blamed for some of his policies, especially as he's having to make some rather unpleasant decisions related to the budget shortfall.

Hope that clears things up. Maybe now I won't get nasty looks when I'm introduced to a city employee.

P.S. There's another Michael D. Bates in Tulsa -- same middle name even -- and according to the voter rolls he was born the same year. My apologies for any inconvenience!

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