Embrace your inner bolshevist!


The revolution is glorious, Comrades!

I have returned from the Communists for Kerry rally in Soviet Union Square, during which the message of world revolution went forth, despite the best efforts of agents provacateurs posing as socialist agitators, claiming that the comrades were agents of Fox News, or Karl Rove.

Comrade Lenin harangued the masses, explaining that getting John Kerry into the Red House is only the first small but necessary step toward true revolution.

Revolutionary slogans echoed through the gathered throng:

"Embrace your inner bolshevist!"

"Only one thought, happy thought! Let the Party do your thinking for you!"

"Red is the new black!"

"We cure weak liberalism with strong communism!"

"End the two Americas! Create one homogeneous welfare state!"

"Stop the economic boom created by G.W.Bush!"

"End tax cuts! Stop the menace known as 'success!'"

Other comrades distributed free health care to the masses, in the form of adhesive bandages:

One deviationist dared to accuse the comrades of not being able to name any of Lenin's books.

Another revolutionary poseur accused the brave comrades of being agents of Lyndon LaRouche, out to provoke a violent response and bring a police crackdown.

This man was well disguised -- he sported a "U. S. Hands Off Cuba" and a button of George H. W. Bush, with the caption "'Elections' rigged by manipulating the voters / No. 1 U. S. Dope Dealer and Gangster".

By now, you've no doubt figured out the joke, as most passers-by did. The people laughing the hardest were speaking to each other in Russian -- they understood. Most interesting to watch were the really angry people, mostly young men, who stood and shouted at the Communists, sometimes for nearly an hour. One angry guy left after one shouting session, then came back for more. He accused the group of being funded by the RNC and intending to provoke the real leftists to respond with violence.

The reality is that they don't need RNC funding to put together this very inexpensive and very creative protest. The people involved (I met Comrade Che and Commissar Finn the other night) are young people who are passionate about personal and economic liberty. Several of them are from the former USSR. They know better than to buy the notion that America is now a police state. And they believe that George W. Bush is the right man for the job to protect liberty at home and extend it abroad. Visit their site and send them a few kopecks for the sake of the revolution.

Scott Sala of Slant Point was on the scene and has more pictures.

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