No, I haven't forgotten about Tulsa


I will be back to writing about local politics, although I don't think I've missed much. It's the same old pattern:

  1. Member of City Council majority proposes solution to a widely-held concern that has been ignored by the city establishment.
  2. Tulsa Whirled reports the story, accompanied by a distorting headline and an unflattering picture of the Councilor in question.
  3. Tulsa Metro Chamber Chairman Bob Poe delivers a ranting condemnation in front of a civic group.
  4. Mayor Bill LaFortune tries to find a way to appear decisive without making anyone not like him.
  5. Tulsa Whirled publishes editorial condemning the foolish Councilors for questioning a policy that has been around for years and that the city establishment is quite content with.
  6. Councilor Sam Roop steps away from his erstwhile colleagues and into the spotlight, skull in hand, to recite a soliloquy from Hamlet, so that everyone can see that he's the only real grownup on the Council.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Specifics to be addressed sometime Sunday. There's the EDC thing -- the Mayor was talking about it on KFAQ Friday morning. Then there's Councilor Mautino's proposal regarding Board of Adjustment appeals.

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