The mistake wasn't fatal?

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From tonight's Tulsa City Council meeting, about the proposed charter amendment to restore the zoning protest supermajority, a protection for property owners against arbitrary rezoning: Homeowners for Fair Zoning counsel Steve Denney just told the Council that the statute regarding the publication of a municipal election changed in 1996. The new requirement is three consecutive weeks, according to Denney, which is 15 days, not 22 days. So there is still time for proper notification. Alan Jackere, acting City Attorney, who seems to think that the City Attorney's office is a branch of zoning attorney Charles Norman's law firm, took issue with Denney's interpretation and said that there was a constitutional provision overriding the statute that Denney cited. Councilor Chris Medlock raised the possibility of seeking injunctive relief to allow the election to go ahead, given the clear and unanimous intention of the Council and the Mayor in support.

(UPDATE: You'll find links to the relevant statutes and constitutional amendments at this entry on HFFZ's news log.)

Brad Colvard, HFFZ president: "The Mayor's failure to stand up for Tulsa's citizens is noted." Colvard said he committed to support the bond issue, and still will, but asked if the city can't manage to get a simple measure on the ballot, why should Tulsans trust the city with $250 million.

Interesting: Chris Medlock noted that a speaker (Chris Jennings, if I heard the name correctly) against the charter amendment sat down next to Chamber CEO Jay Clemens and got an "attaboy". (Update -- 9:15 pm -- Bill Christiansen objects to Medlock pointing out what happened in the audience. Objection noted, Bill. We've all got your number, ducky.)

8:53 pm: Council just voted unanimously to move ahead with the bond issue on April 5th.

8:55 pm: Bill Christiansen wants to put the charter change on the next city-wide election, not in May -- can't afford another $100,000, he says. I think the $100,000 ought to come out the paychecks of whoever screwed this up. Starting with the Mayor.

Susan Neal is talking about "just folks" -- not just members of the development community -- who wanted to have a voice on the charter change proposal. Funny that none of these "just folks" are speaking out publicly.

Councilor Jack Henderson is saying that this sends a wrong message to the public -- that the Council can take a vote, but have it undone because of a clerical mistake.


concerned voter said:

Did anyone notice that Roscoe Turner talked about a Grand Jury investigation? Where and how do we get this going? This dirty little mess is not going to clean up any time soon. When are we going to get off our duffs and do something? I am in Christensen's district. Wish I could recall that idiot!

David S. said:

Yep, sometimes there is more talk in the back than at the mic.

Mike said:

Beside laughing and crying at the same time I thought of a 5th grader telling his teacher. "The dog ate my homework"
or a late arriving employee saying "I could not get my car to start"

or the best

The Bart Simpson defense " I didn't do it, you didn't see me do it and you can't prove I did it"

Bobby said:

Just a quick question. Were you live blogging from site or doing a play by play via TV? That would be neato bandito if they have WiFi at the City Council meeting room.

I was blogging from home, watching the live broadcast. I do have the capability of posting from my phone/PDA, which I did several times from the floor of the Republican National Convention.

If they did have WiFi at City Hall, I'm sure it would be $10 a day, just like at the airport.

David S. said:

I tried to find a WiFi signal there last night and wasn't succesfull.

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