Bye-bye, Dan

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Last night was Dan Rather's final broadcast of the CBS Evening News. One of the funniest tributes to Gunga-Dan is a song by the Evolution Control Committee called "Rocked by Rape," which is nothing more than samples of random words spoken by Rather on the newscast, set to a beat. It earned ECC a nasty cease-and-desist letter from CBS, but as a parody the song is clearly fair use. ECC is offering the song for free download, along with a couple of alternative versions. You can read the nastygram from CBS on the same page.


Mr.Fisher (aka Cousin Barry) said:


Hope everyone is well.

Great site!

Glad to see the peanut gallery open. ;)

Mr.Fisher said:


Didn't mean to repeat myself, repeat myself.

Do you get an e-mail notification every time someone comments?

Just curious.

And yes we are doing great. Aiden (not Penny's Aidan), is already 3 1/2 months old, I'll have to e-mail you some pics, eh?

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