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File this under "Oh, what a giveaway":

THE BBCs reputation for fair and balanced reporting was at risk last night after top broadcaster James Naughtie blurted out his pro-Labour sympathies.

In a live chat with ex-Treasury chief Ed Balls weeks before the May 5 election he asked: If WE win the election, does Gordon Brown remain Chancellor?

He struggled to recover, saying: If YOU win the election.

The blunder came on Radio 4s flagship Today programme. Mr Naughtie has frequently given Conservatives a rough ride in interviews while apparently giving Labour frontmen an easy time.

The veteran anchorman is author of a biography of Gordon Brown and is close to Tony Blair and other Cabinet ministers.

But he surprised his own colleagues yesterday by blurting out his true colours on prime time radio.

I find blatant bias rather refreshing, much nicer than bias concealed beneath a veneer of objectivity. Go ahead, James, purge yourself. Let it all out. We'll all feel much better.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.


Dr. Pants said:

While I'm certain you and I fall at opposite ends of the political spectrum, I wanted to reach across the aisle and let you know that this liberal, hippie democrat also can't stand the bias. Just this morning I wrote something very similar about my local (OKC) news, though it is far more expletive-laden than your reasoned discourse.

Also, keep fighting The Man at the Whirled. As a journalist, I am often shocked and frightened at the powers that be above me and what they try to do to control the news.

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