Chizzarles G. Hizzill, fo' shizzle

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A tip of the hat to Mee Citee Wurkor for calling attention to Gizoogle, which translates any web page into gangsta-ese.

I wonder, I thought, whether the drollery of Dustbury would survive such a transformation. I was not disappointed. (Warning: The translator generates some foul language.)

(The anti-framing technology of the site means you can't use Gizoogle to translate B-to-tha-izzatesLine. Sorry.)


Jan said:

Michael -
That made me laugh. Hard. And I'm not supposed to find such things funny. But it is. You are bad. Very bad.

You're welcome, Jan!

Ha ha! that be hilarious isnt it?
i played wit that site fo` at least three hours tha otha niznight. glad you enjoyed it . Im crazy, you can't phase me!

or in English:
"Ha ha! That is hilarious isn't it?
I played with that site for at least three hours the other night. Glad you enjoyed it!"

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