71% of the voters reject Martinson, who wins anyway

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The final unofficial returns in the Tulsa City Council District 5 special election, from the Tulsa County Election Board, with all precincts reporting and absentee ballots included:

Martinson 1129 28.93%
Phillips 1118 28.64%
Harer 1055 27.03%
Nichols 389 9.97%
Weaver 131 3.36%
Harjo 58 1.49%
Jackson 23 0.59%

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I would write a big, long-winded article about my concern over Martinson winning the district 5 council seat, but ... 7 people ran for this thing. The winner got 28.93% of the vote. Hmm... Guess we'll see what this guy does. Sometimes, I'm tha... Read More


concerned voter said:

Sad day for Tulsa. I now believe we cannot take control, this city is owned by the powerful, rich good old boys, and us little guys are in a no win situation. We are out numbered by Joe and Suzie Six Pack that don't know what is going on and what is worse, they don't care! Sleep on Tulsa, you are about to get a real lesson in Mayor Miss-Fortune at his finest!

Mike said:

God help us. We know the new majority on the City Council won't.

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

so do we start a recall petiton for Martinson now? after all he shouldnt mind, as he was the only candidate for the recall... how may signatures do we need? I can sign about 100 myself

Warren said:

Let's have a little basic honesty here. If Harer had 28% and Martinson 27%, would your headline be "71% of the voters reject Harer, who wins anyway". I don't think so.

Sean said:

Well I live in District 5 and of the 30 people I know who live there none voted for him...I know that it was most likely fraud that got him elected as it would have been SO easy for me to vote 50 times if I had taken the time..

1- the lady opened the book and had me point to my name

2- No ID was looked at even though I had my voter ID card laying on the BOOK before she even asked!

3- I think that a recall should be started on the cockroach’s, the mayor and anyone else who is a scumbag.. All I know is that my house is going up for sale ASAP and I will be moving OUT of Tulsa-

Ken said:

I have lived in Tulsa for more than 15 years & have always thought that the majority of the people who live here are a sleep @ the wheel.

Once again the citizens of Tulsa as well as Oklahoma have proven themselves to be nothing more than mindless sheeple & they always will be.

George said:

I am very pleased that two "establishment" candidates polled almost twice the number of votes as the two candidates backed by the so-called reformers. I believe that the more exposure and familiarity the electorate has with the views of media outlets like KFAQ, the more it will help sensible, centrist Democrats and traditional business-friendly Republicans.

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